Andy’s recliner

I decided to sit in my recliner to get my slightly swollen feet up. “My recliner”: I laugh! Andy claimed it early on, and resents me sitting in it! I can tell. He stares and glares at me when he catches me in “his” recliner. Grrr!

Today, though, I had a comforter over my lap. For whatever reason, the boys don’t like to walk on the comforter. Maybe I can get away with abusing Andy’s recliner, I figured. The comforter is a great cat repellant!

On the other hand, Andy and Dougy both like to crawl under the comforter into that little pocket of air between my legs and the comforter when I’m in a chair. They walk around down there, sniffing and tickling my legs with their whiskers and tails, making themselves at home in this temporary cave. It’s a great ambush hideaway, too. Many glorious ambushes start from this spot.

Andy couldn’t get to the opening on the side today, though, because it meant walking on the comforter to get to it. He contemplated his next move, looked up, and jumped into a plastic Dougy-sized round tub that is, well, Dougy’s favorite front room spot. I gasped. Andy’s furtive looks in all directions told me he knew he’d stepped into the dragon’s lair. Fortunately, the “dragon” was elsewhere, sleeping.

Dougy would have eased into the comfortable curve of the tub, tucking tail during his settling-in maneuver; Andy couldn’t decide if he should risk it. He sat there, miserable because I had his recliner, miserable because he had Dougy’s tub…. He eventually decided to jump onto the top cat carrier, one of his claimed spots.

I leave the carriers out, and the Dougy’s tub is on a box next to them. I leave the doors are open so the boys can spend quiet time in them if they chose. Andy looked through the lattice on the side of the carrier to see if Dougy was inside…! He’s no fool!

“No Dougy inside! Whew!” Andy relaxed a little and jumped off the tub.

Safely on top of his spot on the top carrier, Andy faced me in a sphinx pose and stared at me until I got out of his recliner. LOL! You don’t want to upset the other “dragon” either! Everyone knows the recliner is Andy’s recliner.

[Andy’s recliner and the carriers show in this video. That’s Andy cleaning up. Pay particular attention to the stare he gives the camera before he settles in for his bath…!]

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