Andy and Dougy are a hit. So are their groomers!

I received a nice “thank you” from Andy and Dougy’s groomers in today’s mail. I mean, the boys are a hit!

The boys are a hit!

The boys are a hit!

Meg, the owner, says: “We appreciate your trust in us, Doug.” [The shop has a great reputation, and the results I’ve had confirm word of mouth!]

Athena says: “Thank you so much! Your cats are a pleasure to do.” […a pleasure to do! Woo hoo, boys! You must blink those big Persian eyes at the groomers!]

Debby says: “We enjoy Doug[y] & Andy! Thank you.” [The boys not only behave, they are favorites of the staff! Way to go my kitty cats, way to go!]

Sarah says: “Thank you very much! Love the boys. :)” [The boys apparently feel the same about their groomers, too, since they behave!]

OK, Andy does look like a little angel! (But that isn't angel dust on his fur...!)

OK, Andy does look like a little angel! (But that isn’t angel dust on his fur…!)

Charlie says: “Thank you very much.” [I left a very nice tip to make up for not realizing until recently, thanks to my Seattle sister and her cat Sox, that it is reasonable to leave groomers tips. I always tip the woman who cuts my hair, so I don’t know why I missed the point of tipping the women who cut the boys’ hair! It’s very obvious now!]

Peggy says: “Wishing you great blessings for the holidays ahead.” [Thanks to this talented group of groomers, the boys look great, they only leave poopballs right before they get their grooming. This month, if the scheduled grooming date had landed closer to the middle of the month, where earlier appointments landed, the poopballs wouldn’t have shown up. That alone makes the boys’ and my life easier, more enjoyable. I guarantee the three of us agree on this one thing: poopbaths for cats is not fun!]

And I say: “Thank you, too, Murphy’s Grooming! I wasn’t prepared for the vicissitudes of Persian cat grooming needs, and you not only took care of the worst of it, you are a hit with the boys and me! AND I won’t forget tips in future!”

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