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Today, November 30th, is St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland. I named my wee Persian buddy Andy after St. Andrew, a nod to my mostly Scottish heritage.

Saltire of Scotland

Saltire of Scotland

In recognition of St. Andrew’s Day, I made a quick video featuring Andy the Persian cat.

In this film noir, I am the victim of a “toothing”. Or am I? The victim, I mean. Dougy, Andy’s brother, is on the scene. What did he see? What does he know? What the heck is his part in the “toothing”? Or DOES he have a part? Can he be made to talk? Or will he cover for his brother? Will the answers show themselves or will more questions arise? And why the heck is SpongeBob smiling that “toothy” smile?

4 thoughts on “film noir

    • …unless you subscribe to the notion it was unprovoked aggression! Ha! “Kitty gone wild”: I’ll sell it for a new television show about cat play gone bad.

      Actually, it was accidental. I just had my hand too exposed at the time of the bite. Since Andy has bacteria-free angel teeth, there’s no redness or discoloration around the wound today. (I apparently did a good job of cleaning, disinfecting, and bandaging the owie!)

  1. Happy St Andrews Day. I see Dougie sitting there cheering Andy on and although i didn”t get a good look at any tooth I see he made an impression on you with them<:)
    I enjoyed this video starring your boys.

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