Post 851: Andy doesn’t need any $30 toy to have a good time…!

Andy found a new plaything yesterday when he checked the wastepaper basket by my computer: an empty copier paper package. Yes, he tried to climb inside, and managed to get half of himself in before he found another use for it.a4

When I saw Andy chewing the packaging, I took it away from him of course. He was not amused.

35 thoughts on “Post 851: Andy doesn’t need any $30 toy to have a good time…!

  1. Romeo loves to chew on plastic shopping bags and any other plastic bags he comes across. He’s fast, and I have to be faster to grab it away. The other two couldn’t care less about plastic bags.

  2. I’m in the throes of moving, so there are packing boxes all around the place. Minx is having such a good time using them as tunnels and hiding places before I tape the bottom and start packing stuff. I also shredded a bunch of documents, and the shreds were like a drug to her!

    • Ha! Ha! What a sweet image that sets up in my mind! (And the nightmare of my cats “getting involved” when I open anything with those packing peanuts….! I guess it’s always more fun when it’s someone else’s kitty!)

  3. Yep, we don’t need to have mom spend any stinkin’ money on us for toys. Just give us things you make up mom….the dorky looking rabbit with the green ears is great. The mice with their fur hanging off in clumps is great. Just a rip and a tear and voila…nekked mouse!! I, myself, am afraid of fast moving toys! It’s not natural, I say. What’s that? You’re going to leave, “The Cat’s Meow” out until I get used to it. How cruel can you be? MOL


    • The Cat’s Meow didn’t hold the boys’ attention for long. Sure glad I wasted the money on it! LOL! I have found, though, that they will play with it if I put it away for a few weeks after they stop showing interest, then they play with it again.

    • Yep! I do know what you mean! Same with my boys! Their favorite people are the UPS and USPS delivery people when they bring me boxes of things. Both cats crowd me till I open the boxes so they can be first to play in or with them.

  4. Great idea a box
    I wish it was that easy for me
    Somewhere between 5/7$ every time I buy a new toy
    It’s a racket
    It’s like a child
    A small fortune before you know it
    Yet how can you out a price on unconditional love
    Especially when all it takes is ear rubbing

    • I know what you mean! The boys have several of those toys that I bought and they played briefly with before never touching them again….! I haven’t bought a cat toy in at least a year since I know how they are. On the other hand, new cardboard boxes….! Well, those never go out of style!

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