Post 756: “Maybe he doesn’t see me…!”

Time for Andy’s daily dose of medicine, so we begin the game.

“Oh no! He’s over on the chair where he gives me medicine! Hope he doesn’t see me!”

“He’s looking straight at me…!”

“Hold steady…! Hold steady…! Don’t flinch now!”


“Rats! Here he comes! I’ll hide in the front room. Maybe he’ll forget about me!” Andy hightailed it off the chair.

Little Andy thought he was clever. Next time I saw him, his hind end was hanging out of an over-turned wastepaper basket — the one across from my computer chair, where I was sitting!

Dougy stood nearby, waiting for his chance to rummage in the trash, too, which was lucky because it helped me make positive identification on which kitty’s butt was hanging out of the wastepaper basket.

Not to gloat…well, what the hey?! Gloat I must because all I had to do was reach down and pluck shocked, surprised, and panicked Andy out of the wastepaper basket, then walk his scrawny little butt over to the medicine chair for his daily dose: He was not amused.

Most days I win the medicine game, and every day is a new adventure for cat and man!

24 thoughts on “Post 756: “Maybe he doesn’t see me…!”

    • I hope so. I try to make it as pleasant as possible. It seems counter-intuitive to get the cat all upset so I can give him medicine to control high blood pressure! LOL! So, of course, anything I can do to make him feel good about it is time and effort well spent. I do think he’s become more affectionate since I started massaging his shoulders, telling him he’s a good boy (even when he’s not…!), and treating him to Greenies after the medicine. He hangs out around me more than before, at any rate, and is on top of my computer right now, one of his favorite places! (I just rubbed that spot on the bridge of his nose Persians love you to rub…!)

  1. Too funny! I went through the hide and seek ritual every evening with my late, great cat Friday. It was really a game for both of us as we always knew the outcome… The only reason I always won was because he had asthma and had to give up the chase when he ran out of breath!

    • Thanks! Andy doesn’t like taking his medicine, but he does make it interesting each day. I never know how hard or easy it will be to catch him. Yesterday was a bonus easy day. Silly cat! Head in into the wastepaper basket, he was an instant catch! His naughtiest behavior (trash diving) came around to bite him on the butt!

  2. It’s so much fun when cats play head games and think they have it nailed. I love the dangling tail. George thinks he’s hiding at times and all I can see is a beautiful orange and white fluffy tail. Flicking the tail back and forth.

  3. You are a hoot. When my Eskie needed his insulin (twice a day), it got to the point that I would go to the refrigerator to get the medicine and he would start snarling at me. I had to stop treatment and let nature take its course because he had been abused before I got him and I did not his life to be fear of being hurt by me, twice a day. It broke my heart but I held him and loved him until his last breath. I am so happy that your evasive cat allows you to give him the medicine even if you have to chase him. Bless you richly for your loving care of him.

    • Believe me when I say Andy resists! Fortunately, he doesn’t claw or bite me, but he tries to block the medicine syringe with his front paws and by turning his head away from the tip when I approach his mouth with it. He’ll meow in protest at least once during this process, but is actually pretty mild about this once I catch him. I think the cold liquid is his main issue, not the taste, because he protests less after the initial squirt.

    • He played is hand poorly when he was a naughty boy tipping wastepaper baskets, then ghetting caught with his front end in one right by me! I forgot we were still working on giving him his medicine, I guess. SPeaking of which, he’s sleeping on my computer desk, an easy place to catch him for his medicine, and I should take advantage of this “gift”!

    • No choice! Once you say, “Oh, what a cute kitten! Of course I’ll take him…and his brother, too!” you make a commitment that could last a short time or over 20 years, if the boys live as long as some pampered pets do. LOL! Anyway, I’, glad i have the cats. They are a big responsibility some way, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of their antics and presence.

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