Post 2120: Andy never tires of “the snake”!


Andy enjoys “the snake” most of all the kitty boys’ toys!


He pounces on it before it lands then pins it down firmly until he can chew it to death!


When Andy gets his kitty on, he’s a puma in his mind, not that sweet little guy you know from this blog.




13 thoughts on “Post 2120: Andy never tires of “the snake”!

    • No kidding! I keep thinking I will run out of things to post, yet Andy and Dougy keep coming up with interesting variations on everything they do!

    • Andy and Dougy turn 8 years old on July 1st. It’s hard to imagine they are going to be thjat old already! The usual birthday for them is opening a can of albacore. They don’t eat the fish, but love, love, love the water that comes off the fish. I don’t understand this, but I shouldn’t complain because I do eat albacore!

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