Post 2247: it is what it is…

Dougy’s proud of his handsome pelage. What he doesn’t know is he and Andy have an appointment at the groomers on November 6th…! (All the “stuff” on the floor in the lower right photo is cardboard Dougy’s scratched off his and Andy’s kitty lounger. So much for the notion kitties are “clean” animals. They will scoot on the carpet and knock over trash cans, too. I know. I know. I was shocked, too! You do know they butt sniff each other, too, don’t you? LOL!)


20 thoughts on “Post 2247: it is what it is…

    • Andy tends to have “cling ons” when his hair’s long, but doesn’t scoot. Dougy doesn’t tend to have them, but he does scoot. One thing about it, I never eat anything that lands on the floor! LOL!

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