Post 330: Andy’s doing fine!

Each day since his veterinarian’s appointment last Monday, Andy’s made progress in becoming more active and involved with his toys.

Today, he batted a “Da Bird” feather toy around and tussled with the same toy in a form without a string and pole that you toss and the cat chases. It’s been some time since he did either.

Andy resting after he and Dougy chased each other.

Andy resting after he and Dougy chased each other.

He’s more alert, more playful, and more vocal when he doesn’t get his way. (At this moment, he’s running around trying to locate Dougy for more rough housing.)

Poor light, alert Andy: In a way, this is a good portrait of him.

Poor light, alert Andy: In a way, this is a good portrait of him.

I’m encouraged! He’s even giving me more of a challenge each morning to locate and capture him for his daily medicine, though I try not to make it stressful for him.

After he takes his medicine, I stroke his ears and head, quietly telling him what a good boy he was.

He still is dang glad when I put him down and he untangles himself from the bath towel (“kitty burrito”, remember!) I wrap him in to help reduce his struggle and stress at being medicated. He doesn’t want me to sweet talk him when he could be wild and free!

Though my inclination would be to discourage Andy from being too active since he has a heart murmur, I’m doing my part instead by letting him decide when he is ready to increase his activity or engage in play with his brother Dougy. It seems to be working out just fine!

6 thoughts on “Post 330: Andy’s doing fine!

  1. This is certainly good news Pepi !! You are such a good Dad . I know how stressful the last couple weeks have been .. especially the waiting period before Andy went for his tests. Now Andy is acting like a Born Agin kitten ! Have a great week you cwazzzy kids ! :oD

    • Thanks! Andy’s begun to be too clever for his own good: i.e. tries to out-think me to try to avoid his medication! I’ve not missed any doses, but I’m glad I am retired because there’ve been a couple days where I need a little more time than usual to catch him! Ha!

      • Haha That’s because the meds you are giving him are 95% Fish Oil to make him smarter and 4% Steroids to make him faster ! They threw 1% of something in there to make his heart beat steady so he can handle the rest . I hear ya on the retired thing . I don’t remember being as busy with 50 horses on a farm as I am with 2 hands full of The Gully Gang !

      • An interesting comment! I suspect – and have for some time – that Andy, as a generally quiet little guy, is more clever because he is a thinker. Dougy, on the other hand, is adorably locked into the moment, more playful, and (generally) easier to catch. Andy likes attention, in measured doses and in his time. Other than meal times, he doesn’t put much effort into sucking up to the human. Dougy needs attention because he’s Mr. Social, and would wither in despair if he didn’t get it. He is a shameless suck up! Where they are identical is neither submits to medication. It was with Dougy that I perfected the “kitty burrito” technique of wrapping the cat to be medicated in a bath towel to administer the medication.

  2. I love hearing all of this good news! I’m glad Andy is doing well! 🙂

    I had asthma as a little girl and everyone wanted to restrict my running and playing sports, etc., but I didn’t listen to them and ran and played…I knew when something was too much. I think Andy can sense the same. He will rest when he needs to. 🙂

    Those photos of Andy bring smiles to my face! He is so precious! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I think you are exactly right, so try not to get into the “poor kitty” mode with Andy when he acts like a cat. LOL! Glad you like the photos. The boys, being an odd color that changes in light from black to light silver and shades in between, are difficult to photograph.

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