Post 352: …so it continues!

If yesterday was busy, so’s today.

I took a veteran down to a doctor’s appointment in Scottsbluff, came home, shared CDs of Good-Friday-appropriate plainsong with the church for Good Friday meditations, and supervised yet another Andrew-Douglas boxing match over which very cute cat gets to have the new plastic tub.

The first two don’t need elaboration. The third one is old hat but with a new new photo or two of Andy doing his best to not let Dougy take his tub away.

andy guards the fort 3-24-14

Andy’s just chased off Dougy. Dougy is unrepentant, believe me! Lurking in the shadows, as soon as Andy’s preoccupied elsewhere, Dougy will be back. Will. Be. Back!

andy on guard

What I thought was a second photo actually is a cropped version of the one above. When you see what a mess the background is, you can appreciate why I cropped it out of the full version! 😉 Actually, it shows Andy’s determined look better, too. Be nice to Andy, Dougy!

But wait! I shot a video, all of 1.94 seconds long, showing Andy shooing his brother off the tub! Not worth the trouble to process, believe me, but there is another photo, a screen shot, that shows the pregnant moment Dougy hops down, Andy in pursuit!

andy shoos dougy 2

…so it continues!

11 thoughts on “Post 352: …so it continues!

  1. Aww yes the battle of the tub and two adorable soldiers battling for territory.
    You must have a smile on your face all of the time with these two around for entertainment, except for those early am feeding wake ups.

    • They are! They are! I have tons of laughs at their expense each day. I especially like how Andy looks when wrapped in a towel to get his medicine. “Little baby Jesus”! Fuzzier, of course.

  2. That must be one special tub! Andy and Dougy are such cuties. I hope they’ve settled their dispute 😉 Cinco and Manna have little boxing matches like that too.

    • They were fighting over it after this was posted. I think the attraction is it’s a good high place with great sightlines. Or, it’s Andy’s tub, so it feels nicer than Dougy’s except when Andy’s in Dougy’s tub. There is some perversity about the arrangement!

  3. Oh My ..Just Look at that Face ..If looks could kill .. Dougy doesn’t stand a chance. Hey Doug . Don’t worry I have cropped many a photo for that same reason .. MANY ! . But hey we are retired .. from what exactly remains to be the question . BUT Keeping house with Cat Tenants is not the easiest job in the world .. Thanks for all the info . My Blog is public as far as I know so maybe try checking in again.I receive your replies to my comments so there must be a glich somewhere . I’m off to the Doctor’s now so I’ll check later, Bye for now .

    • I call that look “The Eye”. It withers sprouts in the ground. It stop bad kitties in their tracks. It vanquishes evil wherever it lands! I went back to your blog and unfollowed and refollowed it. It said I should get your new ones! Anyway, cats present some major housekeeping challenges, but they are so sweet and cute!

      • HI Doug . 6:00 and just home from a 4:15 Dr. appoint. Another Hurry up and Wait kind of day . Anyway she has decided through tests that I am having seizures which is why I keep falling down go BOOM ! for no reason . There goes my driver’s licence for 6 months. I’m not a happy camper . In fact Andy would do good to put the face on that I have right now . Dougy wouldn’t ever come back ! .. I got an e-mail saying you are now following my blog. Thanks !!! .. So does everything look in order then when you went back ? I only have done 3 but hope to get going on a better routine . Talk soon . S

      • It was weird: I already was following you, but not getting notices of new posts. I unfollowed, then refollowed with the idea it “might” (by magic or something!) help. We’ll see. I think your blog looks great! The content is interesting. The photos meaningful. I hope more people find it and take a look because it also covers the topic of living with animals so well.

        I was interested to learn of your involvement with horses. I’ve always been fond of them. They are such beautiful, sensitive creatures. I always felt they communicated with humans so long as humans paid attention, and responded to kindnesses given them, like swatting a deer fly they couldn’t reach.

        I’m sorry to read you are having issues. That is a difficult disease to live with, as far as I understand it. This was something I’d never heard could come of it. Be careful! I understand why you don’t climb the antenna now! Whew! Being without a driver’s license is particularly unsettling considering where you live. I hope you have a good support system to help with getting you places and handling those issues where you need to be able to drive. I once went three months unable to drive because I was hospitalized (for half) and dealing with massive doses of Prednisone that wiped out my ability to focus and concentrate. It was grueling.

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