Post 361: April Fools’ Day

My own mother once said, “What your father and I love most about you is your quirky sense of humor!” I thought that was pretty sweet of her to share that, and I mostly agree with the assessment.

Maybe you remember this example of my idea of funny, a “poster” I created from a photo of Andy.

I have no shame: I recycled this image I earlier characterized as a "FAIL"....

I have no shame: I recycled this image I earlier characterized as a “FAIL”….

The irony, what’s funny (to me), is Andy is a gentle soul, but photographs of him often look like he is angry, the curse of his Persian cat mug.

I suppose I need to recycle a Dougy photo now, for the sake of equal representation of the amusing qualities my boys share.

...but not I: "J'accuse, Monsieur Chat! J'accuse!" Dougy's perfidy is called out!

…but not I: “J’accuse, Monsieur Chat! J’accuse!” Dougy’s perfidy is called out!

For some reason, Dougy being accused in French of perfidious behavior strikes me as amusing…erm…”quirky”! Of course, he looks guilty as heck, too, though his reaction is more like “Is that something to eat?”, not remorse when the Finger of Justice bears down on him for stealing his brother’s tub.

By now, you must be wondering what all that had to do with April Fools’ Day. Well, nothing. I’m not a person who enjoys pranks on others. Further, I am humorless when pranked, something you can verify easily enough at your own peril!

What is interesting about today, though, is this:

A curious note about today, April Fools Day 2014...

A curious note about today, April Fools Day 2014…

I don’t think numbers that read the same forward and back are technically “palindromes”, but it is curiously satisfying, nicely symmetrical, unique for the first day of April and won’t occur again till 4-1-2114. I don’t plan on being around!

Louie reacts

10 thoughts on “Post 361: April Fools’ Day


    The middle photo in Post 356 shows a typical Dougy response to seeing me with my little Nikon point-and-shoot camera: he closes his eyes because he anticipates a flash! Andy tends to go grumpy-faced, but mostly leaves his eyes open while turning his head away a bit.

    An alternative thought: not unlike the human members of this family, they hate having their photos taken. 😉

    I have favorite photos of the boys, which makes me likely to re-use them shamelessly. I prefer to use new material most of the time, but I don’t always have co-operative subjects. Actually, they rarely co-operate!

  2. I love your poster! Dougy and Andy have their own brand of humor. My cats tend to look grumpy in photos too. There’s no shame in recycling photo 🙂 I think everyone does it.

    • I’m a party pooper on St. Patrick’s Day, too, resisting wearing green or any other stereotypical stuff.

      Anyway, Andy is named after the apostle St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, and he has a big name to live up to for a little cat! Fortunately, he does the apostle proud, so far as cats can: He is sweet!

      Dougy is named after me. Ha! Seriously. I needed a Scottish name so the second kitty, Dougy, had a name that honored my Scottish heritage.

      I suppose I could have called him Bobby, Robby, or Robert after Robert Burns, but that just occurred to me…! (They turn three on July 1st, so you can tell I haven’t thought much about the names since giving them out in 2011.)

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