Post 410: Andy’s change of plans

Andy needed to remind his brother that it isn’t nice to use his personal tub, but something outside the open back door came up that was more important.

Dougy’ll get his tail kicked later. Right now, Andy has better things to do!

5 thoughts on “Post 410: Andy’s change of plans

    • An overseas friend sent them a “care package” of treats, practical things (blankets, brushes, etc.), and toys. It arrived yesterday, and I hope to pull together a short video from the material I filmed yesterday. The “thank you” video to the friend was almost 16 minutes long, which is way too long for everyone but the person who sent the gifts and me. It does show the boys in a state of overload because of all the news smells and things they had to deal with at one time, and that was cute@ Dougy, of course, was the first one to claim the empty box. Andy claimed the catnip toys. To each his own!

    • Dougy has a shorter, more compact Persian-style body and out-weighs Andy by a
      pound +/-, but Andy stands taller and has a longer, thinner body. I guess they each have something over the other!

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