Post 1897: “Want me to brush you, Dougy?”


The longer their hair gets between haircuts, the prettier the kitty boys get. On the other hand, they require more brushing to deal with loose hair, which leads to mat formation if not dealt with. 


When I ask Dougy if he wants me to brush him, the inevitable answer is “Meow!” He love, love, loves brushing, especially when I “scritch” his chin with the brush. See how he rolls over to make his chin more accessible!?

Andy is less thrilled with brushing, though he tolerates it.

19 thoughts on “Post 1897: “Want me to brush you, Dougy?”

    • He’s getting used to it. When I’m holding him to prepare him for medicine time, he is generally calm till he gets bored, then I can tell I need to finish my business if his tail becomes twitchy.

    • Ity was set up for every other month, but the new plan is every three months, with just mat removal and a hygienioc trim on their little butts. Their groomer and I were talking about how pretty they are with long hair and decided to switch from the cute-but-short teddy bear cut to letting them grow out their hair in classic Persian cat length. Come summer, we may have a different plan. It’s still in the air.

    • I have a varioety of grooming tools, including that. The brush in the photo is the one the kitty boys tolerate/like the best, and it does get the loose undercoat hair.

  1. My kitties Hate brushing ! The one with the longer hair, very fluffy and a real beauty is strange ( but ” normal ” for a cat ) : she accepts that I use my fingers as a comb – and it is not so easy – but she does not accept brush, an ordinary nice comb
    Question of principle ? maybe.
    amitiés à vous trois 🙂

    • You know cats! What they like, you just accept because they don’t tolerate being pushed around. Ha! My two like it when I run my fingers through thewir hair, too. The especially like it when I rub my finger on their ears and face.

    • It’s Andy that hates the brish, but Dougy lets mew know whern he’s tired of brushing the same way Tyebe shows you she’s not having it.

    • I’d hold out for it, doggies! Tell the people you’ll leave stuffies alone (not shred them instantly…) if they occupy you with scritches and brushings. Of course, they’ll expect you to keep your words, but, well, “doggies”:! LOL! The best of both worlds!

    • That seems to be Dougy’s attitude, too! Andy seems to think it’s somehow related to being held to get medicine since that’s a big part of why he gets held, by his reckoning at least!

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