Post 1496: lakeside daytrip

Andy guessed right. I was getting ready to leave for the best part of the day, so he acted up…up on the table, specifically!

The little rascal got into the crackers. Not for the crackers, mind you, but for the crinkly packaging. I watched to see what he would do, and he started to pull the tube of crackers out of the box, intending to take it somewhere he could work on the crinkly packaging. I put a stop to that! Dougy watched from the dining room cat tree. (Good kitty!)

The main concern when I plan a day away is that the kitty boys have plenty of food and water. Their main concern is that the human be home in time to set out wet food for the kitties. 

My friend Craig and I left the kitty boys and took to the road. Thanks to July and August rain storms, this is a sunflower year! The crowds visiting Alliance for the total eclipse were spared the normal dried out look this time of year and treated to this beautiful carpet of sunflowers everywhere! Craig and I enjoyed the ride down to our friend’s lovely lakeside home.

We classmates of the AHS class of ’66 had a salad lunch, a pleasant relaxed fellowship sharing thoughts, time, and laughs together. We’ve lost four classmates in the past year, and have resolved to keep in touch better, get together regularly because – and while – we can.

Craig left early since he had a three hour or so drive back home, but the rest of us went out to the patio and enjoyed the cool breeze, the pleasant lakeside setting, and snacks. Carol and I terrorized each other and our classmates taking photos. (The four below are her contribution to the record.) 

I didn’t get home till hours after the kitty boys are used to getting their wet food. Were they waiting at the door? And how! Andy (I think) let out a howl of protest as I walked in the door: “How dare you make us wait for our kitty food!!”

I fixed the kitty food, two kitty boys trailing me each step of the way. I gave them half a can instead of a third to make up for the breach of “The Standard Expected Time The Human Must Be Available To Feed The Kitties”. We (the kitties) were not amused!


33 thoughts on “Post 1496: lakeside daytrip

  1. That looks like a wonderful get together, Doug. Old friends, good food and lots of fun!

    Kitties sure like to have their meals on time, don’t they? I bet Andy and Dougy enjoyed the extra bit of wet food with dinner. 🙂

    • They definitely acted like they do when I’ve been gone longer than usual, but they also went into their “feed us now!” food routine as soon as I came in the door. Usually it’s a lot less frenzied, with a slow reunion and nose bumps on my extended index finger.

    • It definitely was great fun and in a relaxing, beautiful setting! Since my long absence last year because of illness and rehabilitation, the kitty boys are a bit anxious when they see me leaving. I leave the radio on on the chance it will help their anxiety, but the protest Andy (I think) yowled when I got home yesterday tells me it isn’t 100% effective!

  2. Left a “roll” of Ritz on the counter once. Came home to find the packaging all over the floor and the crackers on the counter. There was one cracker that was soggy and disgusting–guess Max thought it was disgusting also. You’re right the sunflowers are fantastic this year.

    • LOL! I probably would have had a similar scene here given Andy’s intense interest in the crackers! (I gag thinking about it.) My main soncern with Andy, though, is he likes to chew and sometimes ingest that sort of packaging. I’ve had to pull it out of his mouth before and one time he horked up a cellophane candy wrapper like you get on Life Savers. I have to toss that sort of packaging out with thought to whether he can get to it or not. (Just like having a toddler!)

  3. I like this report : the hard leaving with Andy, the superb road bordered of yellow flowers and at last you make us live your meeting with your charming friends . What a good day, Doug!
    And the kiitties have been rewarded of their “patience ” with a double meal !:)
    In friendship

    • Thanks! The photos don’t do justice to the river of sunflowers that are there. They are everywhere, growing along the side of the road and as far as one can see over the rolling hills! It was a delightful day for all us old friends, and the kitty boys are OK because I’ve spent lots of time with them today.

  4. What a wonderful day you had with such good friends. When we get into a group because of a problem or something we have in common, the ties can be mighty strong. I meet these fellow travellers like we were never parted. The kitty boys will survive.


  5. My cats don’t eat people food except for Morgan and potato chips. She mostly licks off the salt but she only needs one and she’s happy. I’m not telling her about the crinkly wrapping it comes in. Stomped up potato chips all over the floor would not make me happy. Then again, this house is about cat happy not me.

    • I feel your pain, Kate! Obviously, it’s the same here! As for people food, I don’t let the kitty boys eat it because I want them to have long, healthy lives. Andy would probably eat people food before Dougy would. He always checks my dirty dishes for something he might like, sho I make sure anything edible is out of reach or disposed of properly where a kitty can’t get to it.

  6. Fun adventure!

    Chewie likes to act like he’s starving and gets really weird when he wants more wet food (even though there’s tons of food already out). He even gets a crazy look in his eyes. It’s pretty funny. Oh, cats. Your boys are adorable. I bet they are happy Dad is back.

    • I feel your pain, too! Yes, the kitty boys get that look, too! Though they eat the dry food and always have some available (since they don’t over eat and are their veterinarian’s recommendation for weight of cats their age and activity), they really, really, really like wet food and expect it at specific times they chose.

      As for being happy I’m back, they did eventually come to me for the nose kiss with my finger, our usual greeting ritual. Dougy, of course, had to rub on my leg to make sure all cats (i.e. Andy) were aware Dougy makes a claim of exclusivity to me.

    • You got that right! The protest yowl had the intensity of an existential cry to Ye Gods to be relieved of the belly-cramping hunger of a kitty boy who’d not eaten in minutes! I noticed the full dry food bowls had been eaten out of in my absence.

      • LOL, I first get the stern look and if that doesn’t work the pity look from Mr. B. Lots of walks too, to and fro the doggie pantry. Ms. Zulu is not as food oriented anymore.

        • Well, in this house the motto is “Food is good.” It definitely is a fixation, an event, a religion with the kitty boys! (Ms. Z. must be aware that lower activity in later years = unwanted fat for those who live to eat! Mr. Benji is barely out of his teenage years, doggy time, and we all know about those teenage stomachs with no bottoms!

    • Cats can send down “Razor Swiping Claws of Total Annihilation in Retribution for Neglectful Behavior That Results in Empty Kitty Tummies”. Not pretty! No, not Pretty!

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