Post 472: the blahs

Cats need variety in their lives, too. Dougy and Andy are no exception.

Though they were eager players when I first gave them their “cat’s meow” toy for a birthday a year or two ago, they quickly learned they didn’t have to hop around like kangaroos and carry on like they were on speed the way the advertisement cats do! In fact, both lie down next to it to play with it…if they play.

I set it aside months ago when they showed signs of toy fatigue, but brought it out today on the chance it would be a fresh and fun toy again.

You’ve seen the post title. I suspect you know the result:


8 thoughts on “Post 472: the blahs

  1. I love Dougy. For me it is similar, if I’m looking for a solution to something, I take a nap. Depending on how long I slept, my husband has the problem been resolved. ;))

    • I’m the same way. A lot of times the solution comes because I’m not consciously trying to resolve it. I think sleep allows that part of one’s creativity to switch on.

      Anyway, Dougy is a very lovable kitty! Both he and Andy make me laugh, but Dougy is more of a comedian than Andy. Andy is my serious cat, my “I see the string attached to the toy. It isn’t fun when I see the string.” On the other hand, he loves, loves, loves string! Cats!

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