Post 471: waiting game

Andy woke up a bit more wily than usual today. I’ve tried to catch him unawares so I can give him his medicine, but…! That noted, I go into Phase 2: The waiting game.

I’m in no hurry to give Andy his medicine, but Andy is anxious to get the treats I give him afterwards. Devious, eh!? He’s stopped by my computer twice so far to let me know in his squeakiest “pathetic little kitten starving to death” voice that he’s prime for catching. Now, it’s up to me to be patient till he catches himself!

andy sniffs air 7 4-25-14

Let’s say I get in a rush, make a grab for Andy before the little cat’s “catchable”…. Yep, I add time to the eventual capture. Hours some days; minutes others. But more time.

A former pastor at my church talked about how he learned life lessons from the family cats, Large and Allegro, by observing and living with them. How true. Patience isn’t my forte, but I have to practice it if I want to catch my cat! Andy’s teaching me something about patience.

Speaking about the wee rascal, Andy is visible in the mirror. I can see him around the corner, by the front door. He’s exhibiting bored cat behavior: tail-chasing. He wants those treats. He wants them bad. He wants them…NOW!


I got up to see if I could catch Andy by the door, but he anticipated my plan. Good move, Andy! Under the dining room table always is a good strategy!

This is going to be a long process today, I suspect. Andy is a suspicious little cat, and he has good cause to be.

2 thoughts on “Post 471: waiting game

  1. Just look at that face.
    No one can resist that sweet face.
    We alway shave to close the bedroom door an shave Ali in our arms before we bring out the carrier because she knows the carrier is a trip tot he vets.
    Now that she has had the experience of having her temp. taken rectally twice she is not a happy camper at all.
    Luckily the medication she is taking to boost her immune system is l lysine and is sprinkled in powder form over her wet food.
    She eats it right up and I am relieved about that.
    These fur kids keep us on the move.

    • That’s for sure! I had to give Andy that when he was sick as a baby. Unfortunately, he resisted it. I don’t know if there is a liquid form, but that would have been better with him. (Something I know about now — liquid cat medicine!) Yeah, I have to be stealthy about the carrier. Though the boys like to perch on top of them, the moment they suspect I’m going to put them in it, they become very difficult to catch! One time, I had to reschedule a veterinarian’s appointment for Andy (it was one for both boys at thew same time) when he managed to hide out from me well past the time of the appointment. Dougy wasn’t happy. Ha! The next week, though, I got Andy to the veterinarian’s, and that was the time I found out about his heart murmur and high blood pressure! I’ve wondered if there was some reason for taking their temperature rectally when the technology exists (for humans, at least) to take it by ear. I never remember to ask.

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