Post 475: “We wait…!”

Andy and Dougy have their priorities. Sorry, but this post interferes with kitty play time some days, and the boys don’t get it.

Andy waits.

Andy waits.

Andy watches and watches. Something, something might just happen, and he wants to be ready!

Dougy waits.

Dougy waits.

Dougy choses the “whiney kitten” mode, sighing, pacing, positioning himself in play zones in broad hints about what he wants and expects from me…NOW!

I better close this early, and get back to my primary purpose in life, amusing my cats! See ya!

13 thoughts on “Post 475: “We wait…!”

  1. I know the PC cable business just too well lol. My cats latest hobby is attacking the camera. Snatching it up and running away with it. Think they are trying to tell me something ?

    • Me, too! Dougy puts everything into whatever he’s doing. He has that same intensity when he cleans himself, too, with a lick-lick-lick, freeze, look both ways, lick-lick, and so on. I hope to catch this on video some day because I think it’s charming.

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