Post 489: “show me your tummy!”

Katzenworld blog challenged its followers to submit photos of their kitties. Though they don’t have to be tummy photos, Andy is a natural for this specific challenge: He loves to sleep on his back, and I have a long file of photos of him exposing his tummy.

The Andy photos range from when he was a kitten to more recently, and they show him in full light or dark, which means his tummy appears to be anything from black to a lovely silver, depending on how the light strikes it. There’s even one after he got a summer haircut. Ha! He looks a bit “plucked” in it, but hair grows back.

Let the photos begin!

Andy shows his tummy.

Andy shows his tummy.

Andy resting on back_edited-1

Andy's tummy

andy by grass

Andy mug

Here are a couple of videos featuring Andy’s tummy…why not?!

Or this classic of Andy and Dougy in play when they were wee kittens. Yeah, there is a tummy focus to it, eventually, as in “got your tummy”, a game I played with Andy and came to regret. 🙂

Here’s the photo required for the submission of one’s kitty tummy photos:

Katzenworld blog challenge