Post 490: what’s on top

I liked my old header. It showed Dougy as a kitty, and was he a cutie! Nothing wrong with that, and it served its purpose for over a year’s worth of posts.

On the other hand, the theme of this blog is “surviving retirement with two cats”. For those fans of Andy, the old header was one kitty short, and the new one takes care of that. Andy’s the kitty on the left, leaving Dougy on the right, of course

The new header shows the boys at just about three months four days of age, and is a screen print taken from the video I posted yesterday, “kitten wars IV“. I think it is charming, shows the boys in the process of rough housing on the settee, and came at that one moment when both stopped playing long enough to look up and see me making the video.

The photo quality isn’t the best, but what can I say? The settee didn’t move, but the boys were wiggly kittens. I can live with it.

the old header...

the old header…


The digital note on my desktop told me something else that’s on top for today: I “get” to catch the boys to put on flea-tick-etc. medicine. I’ll take care of Andy when I have him captured for his regular medication, which now is chicken flavored. We’ll see if chicken flavor makes it more acceptable to the patient!

Less stressful, it’s time to rotate a new fountain into place. That’s simple enough, if messy. The current one in use still looks pretty good, so I can give it an extra day or two of use if I have too much drama medicating the cats!


Since I had to make a correction on the boys’ age in “kitten wars IV” and the new header, I may as well update you on my to do list: DONE! The boys have clean water and I had no problem medicating both, though I think Andy may have barfed it up somewhere I’ll find later — with my bare feet, no doubt! He had a bit of barf hanging on his chin when I put the newly cleaned water fountain out.