Post 485: Every cat has his day. Today it’s Andy’s day.

Dougy’s asleep, having “worked” the night shift last night. Andy, on the other hand, is wound up today. He’s vocalizing, running all over the apartment, and generally acting like he wants someone, anyone to play with him. This post, so, will be brief. Andy needs a play partner. NOW!

andy 73114 a

andy 73114 b

andy 73114 c

Don’t worry! I’ll try to catch Dougy to take some photos, and we’ll have an all Dougy day. There have been accusations in past that maybe I favor one of my cats over the other…!

Incidentally, Andy got his medicine very early today. He misjudged how crafty I am, and I caught him without fuss. Yes, once captured, he was a very good boy. Naturally, he got treats after I stroked his head and told him what a good boy he was.