Post 503: Interview with a kitty

Me: Dougy, you have a reputation for prowess, a cat-like uncanny ability to catch what you seek. I’ve seen you hide in wait for the pole toy critter to swing by, and there is no doubt you take your cat responsibilities seriously: You nail it, and chew that toy to pieces if given a chance!

...his prowess

…his prowess

Dougy: Yes, I believe in exercising my canines to the maximum possible. They are my best tools, along with my razor-sharp reflexes and Claws of Doom! (You know about those from personal experience. Rawr!)

[Me: And how!]

Me: Speaking of experience, Dougy, what do you do to keep fit and fat for hunting?

training aids work

training aids work

Dougy: You know the answer to that! I make you play with me with pole toys until your fingers go numb! I never get tired!

"Yeah! We played with that one just this morning! You know both Andy and I love, love, love this pole toy bug," says Dougy

“Yeah! We played with that one just this morning! You know both Andy and I love, love, love this pole toy bug,” says Dougy

Me: What prey can an indoor cat hope to catch?

Dougy: WHAT!? Haven’t you seen how my brother Andy and I take on crickets, spiders, flies, millers, wasps, and anything else that sneaks into the house? It isn’t just me who should be interviewed here, you know.

a likely prospect

a likely prospect

Me: Well, that’s for sure, but Andy is scarce at the moment. You know how he is after I give him his medicine…!

Dougy: Oh, yeah…!

"Thank you for your efforts!"

“Thank you for your efforts!”

Me: Come to think of it, the other day, in the bathroom, I saw you in action. It was quite remarkable. The fly walked toward you. You were still as a rock — well, except your tail, which twitched just a bit! The fly was oblivious to you. It slowly moved into range. Your right paw struck down on it so fast I couldn’t tell if you trapped the fly. You patticaked it a bit to stun or kill it, then raised your paw for a closer look. It stumbled around on six legs, but not for long: you chewed it up! How’d it taste?

Dougy: A bit crunchy, a hint of nuttiness, followed with a hint of bitterness. In short, quite good!