Post 512: Molly Moon and other matters…

My sister e-mailed this message to me this morning:

“I was amazed at the number of posts you received on Molly Moon and Sox and I appreciate all of them. I will never give up on finding Sox, but Molly provides some distraction from thinking and worrying about him 24 hours a day.”

Thanks to you who commented!  Oh, and it turns out there is an ice cream chain on the West Coast called  “Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream” shop. My sister’s grandkids knew about it, and let my sister know about the name.


It’s official. I just passed my fifth year as a volunteer with the RSVP program in my community. Though I’m not much for awards because I never know what to do with certificates, pins, and the like, I appreciate being appreciated. If being appreciated involves a certificate and a pion, well, I can deal with it! Here’s the pin:


I guess I posted that in a size large enough to see…! I mostly volunteer once a week at the local military museum. Though I also drive veterans to VA clinic appointments, that’s more occasional since there are other ways for these people to get to appointments.