Post 486: Dougy won’t pose.

Black cats are difficult to photograph inside. Invariably, the best “poses” or activities happen in the places with poor lighting. Dougy is just enough darker than Andy that my little point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix S100 poops out a flash in places it’d go for natural light with Andy.

As a result, Dougy is more camera-shy than his brother: He hates that flash. Can’t blame him!

dougy 3

That’s a typical flash photo of Dougy. It takes a moment for the camera’s capacitor (I guess it is) to build up power for a flash, and Dougy almost always beats the flash by closing his eyes!

dougy 4

Flash in the eyes, Dougy took off. So I attempted telephoto shots.

dougy 6


dougy 5

Yes, in all instances, he anticipated the flash, turned away, then ran away.

Later in the day, he came under my computer desk to see me. I got a chance, finally, to get a decent photo of Dougy where there was lots of light coming in from the back door.

Of course, when I tripped the shutter, I wiggled the camera enough for a blurry photo that Photoshopping can’t improve. Rats!


But I didn’t know that at the time. I got one photo of Dougy. The flash didn’t go off. He didn’t run away! And I got two more photos of him.

dougy 1

Fair, but I would have liked less “profile” and for “head on”.

dougy 2

Oh well. Here’s my usual result when I take Dougy’s photo! It isn’t easy photographing black cats.