Post 508: You just never know…

Yesterday, Andy was a pill. It took till a bit after 9:00 AM before I finally caught him to give him his blood pressure medicine. I suspect part of the reason it took so long was I sometimes scruff Andy to catch him or to settle him down to wrap the towel around him to immobilize him a bit to give him his medicine.

Scruffing a cat (grabbing it by the loose skin on the neck) may not be a good idea, though Momma Cat does it with her babies to move them. I read that yesterday after I scruffed Andy, who then was very wild and almost wouldn’t let me wrap him in the towel.

Yes, I scruffed Andy up till then if I had to, and he got a lot of scruffing when I caught him, then tried to wrap him in the towel yesterday. Learning that it hurts the cat is enough for me to stop doing it. I always heard it produced endorphins so kitty was in a natural druggy state because of this rough business. Maybe so in kitties, but their loose skin isn’t holding up 10 or so pounds of adult cat, either.

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Also, I learned that it might be a challenge to the cat’s self-esteem. Oh dear!

Well, I don’t know the veracity of what I read, just that it might explain part of Andy’s reluctance to be medicated some days. Yesterday, for example. It might not all be reaction to nasty-tasting medicine. I mean, they lick kitty butt with those tongues! Surely that’s at least equal in nastiness to any medicine.

Today, I resolved not to scruff Andy under any circumstances. I walked up to him where he lie on the seat of the old beat up backless computer chair the boys won’t let me toss. I reached down and picked him up. No fuss. Easy! Usually, he scampers away, and we begin a minutes to hours long cat and mouse game (hee! hee!) till I catch him, towel him up, and squirt the medicine in his mouth.

Over to the medicating chair we went. Towel wrapped around kitty, I squirted the medicine into his mouth. It was over in less than half a minute from picking Andy up to the fun part where I rub his nose, scratch his ears, stroke his head and tell him what a really good boy he is for taking his medicine like a big kitty! Of course, the part he likes better is when I loosen the towel so he can hop down to the floor for the treats I am about to put out for good boys. 🙂

I’ll see how things go from now on out, but the zero-scruffing rule seems to be a good move for both cat and man.