Post 501: Mayhem ensued ~ How we observed Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Whew! Then you turn the inmates loose, you shouldn’t be surprised that things go downhill fast! So it goes.

Here’s how we observed Black Cat Appreciation Day at our house. It isn’t pretty…!

Post 500: Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a “holiday” with a purpose: A black cat is five times less likely to be adopted than any other cat, which means they are euthanized more often than not for lack of people wanting to adopt them. This day is one way humane societies and pounds can change attitudes about black cats, possibly improve the chances a black cat will be adopted instead of put to death for lack of someone to take it home .

Black cats are wonderful creatures. They are elegant, sleek, beautiful, full of cattitude, suitable for the home. They are playful. They amuse. They are like all other cats, just black. I have two myself, and I hope by sharing my life stories with Andy and Dougy I have helped remove some of the bias against black cats from some people’s minds.

I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for black cats. Panther is one such special cat, and Doug and Sharon Brown’s tribute to this beloved pet follows in this video they recently posted:

If you are looking for a pound kitty, do take a look at those that are black. You won’t have bad luck. Nothing “magical” or “diabolical” will happen to you. They are just kittycats, bundles of energy and personality that will capture your heart…if you open it up to them. Andy and Dougy, this is your day!