Post 502: bonding

The ongoing challenge of giving Andy his blood pressure medication has taken on a new twist. Instead of offering up resistance to capture, Andy’s decided to fight me when I try to wrap the towel around him.

Not that Andy is any less suspicious when I come around looking for him…!

Andy march 21 2014

So, I have a new plan, too: Catch him, hold him unwrapped, then stroke his tummy, head, and ears. I tell him over and over in a low, calm voice how he’s a good boy. When he starts to relax, maybe close his eyes, then I wrestle him into the towel. Whew!

Yes, the new plan is simple, too. I try to get the medicine down him as fast as possible so I can spend the rest of the time holding him and reassuring him all is well.

Soon enough, Andy decides he’s ready to move on. It’s encouraging, though, that it takes longer and longer before he wants let down.

I think we both secretly look forward to this special time in our day. One of these days, he might even purr when it’s medicine time.