Post 511: Molly Moon

My sister’s cat Sox went missing the morning after she moved to a new house. She let him out in the morning, the habit he was in, and he hasn’t been seen since.

It is difficult writing about his absence, more so because my sister reads my blog and she still misses her Kitty Boy very much. She had him from kittenhood. We all hope and pray he shows up some day or that some family took him in and he’s getting the love and care he was used to with my sister.


Sox is missing in Seattle.

Sox, still missing in Seattle.


My sister, family, and friends did all the usual to try to find Sox: posters posted, walks through both the new and old neighborhoods, talking with new and old neighbors, notice given to area shelters, check up with shelters daily for any news and to view possible cats brought in.

At some point, my sister decided she needed another cat. Not to replace Sox, who is irreplaceable, but as a companion for Sox should he show up. And as a kitty for my sister regardless of the outcome with Sox: She missed having a kitty around the house.

She decided to adopt an older cat, checked out possible “candidates” available at shelters, and sent me photos of some of those she felt would do well with her. Then I received an e-mail this morning that she’d adopted one named Molly Moon, a name my sister says her new Kitty Girl will continue to go by.

Molly Moon!

Welcome to the family, Molly, and thank you for helping lift some of the burden my sister feels about Sox.

Molly Moon looks like a sweetheart to me, and my sister says she is a sweet-dispositioned kitty, too.

Molly Moon looks like a sweetheart to me, and my sister says she is a sweet dispositioned kitty, too.


I’m proud of my sister for adopting a shelter animal, too. Not only did she give a cat a new home, she gave an older cat a new home. Everyone wants the kitties, but it takes real love of creatures to take an older one home. Molly Moon is eight years old, mellow, and very affectionate.  The photo shows she is adapting quickly to her new life. That’s a happy, confident cat in the photo!