Post 491: tub cat

Dougy is a funny cat.

All I have to do to get Dougy to hop into his favorite cat fort feature, the salmon-colored tub, is to walk into the kitchen.

He assumes we are about to play, and he plans on playing from the comfort of his tub.

He waits...

He waits…

Maybe I just wanted to wash the dishes. Or start dinner. Or check for mail.

And waits...

And waits…

There’ll he be! In his tub, posed in this semi-upright position and poised to pounce, if I get the hint!

And waits...!

And waits…!

He is my tub cat! Poor kitty.

I should get off the dang computer and bond with my kitties in playtime. You know what they say: Idle paws are the devil’s workshop.