Post 509: “You don’t have my permission…!”

Whew! Dougy does not like his photo taken! That makes him a true member of my family. I did, however sneak one of him at the back door, resting on the little red chair, a favorite of both boys.

"What!? I didn't say you could do that!"

“What!? I didn’t say you could do that!”

 I pushed his button, but don’t think Dougy doesn’t know how to push one or two of mine back…!


“Nyah! Nyah!”

You wee fart! You know you aren’t supposed to use the furniture as a scratching post! I’m scandalized, Dougy, scandalized!


 I got another shot of you, Dougy! And I’m bigger than you, too!

🙂 > < 🙁

On a more positive note, Andy and I had an uneventful time this morning. Continuing the no-scruffing rule, I had no problem picking Andy up and medicating him in short order. A few minutes later, when I was making my breakfast, we exchanged blinky-eyes with each other till our eyelids hurt.

Oh, yeah, and I rubbed his ears, scratched his chin, stroked his head and ran his fine tail through my hand, saying those words he likes to hear, “What a purrrdy tail, Andy! Purrrrdy! You’re the kitty with the purrrdy tail!” And he is.