Post 521: the presence


I feel a light touch on my arm. It’s Andy, trying to tell me something.

“What’s the matter, boy? Cat got yer tongue?”

He sits there. I reach a finger toward his nose. He touches his nose to my finger.

“What is it, Andy?”

andy 1

Nothing, it seems. He just wants me to know he’s still here, but he’ll accept any effort to amuse him! In the meantime, he’ll just stare at me in some telepathic experiment with his human.

“Feed me tuna! Bring out the wand toy! Scratch my chin!” I try to interpret his message.

You never know. I never know! All I can do is follow him and hope whatever his pleasure is we’ll stumble on it in our little walk.


20 thoughts on “Post 521: the presence

    • Of course, Andy only weighs about 10 pounds, so he doesn’t have the presence of a Maggie dog! LOL! Yeah, that tap~tap~tap is a challenge to understand most times. Basically, all I know to do is follow him to where ever he leads me, then try to figure out if he’s telling me he wants the door open so he can watch birds out the front door, he wants to play, or he wants a kitty treat.

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    • That he does! He’s doing his sphinx impersonation on top of my computer now. That puts him slightly higher than me, and affords him a panoramic view of the whole room…in case his brother’s sneaking around. I probably shouldn’t let him perch there, but…!


    • We checked that out one of the hundred other times Andy stopped by this week to stare at me and pat my arm. I think Timmy must have sunk to the bottom or crawled out on his own. Either way, I’ll skip well water for now!


  1. When I saw your post on my reader, before I clicked to your blog, I was expecting the next line to be, “What’s wrong boy, Timmy fell down the well?”
    Even cats get that, “I’m not sure what I want.” I call it, “He was found starved to death in front of a full fridge.” You know your hungry but nothing you have grabs you. 🙂


    • 🙂 That’s the other question I ask Andy when he does this little game! It turned out he was in the mood to play with a wand toy, so he and I spent 20 or so minutes doing that.

      He has a higher level of expectation than Dougy. Dougy plays with the toys no matter what. Andy expects variation: “Have it hid behind something, under something, around something, no, now I want it sailing overhead at high speed!” He also likes Dougy to be playing from a different spot than the one he choses, ands he stops playing if Dougy steps into Andy’s chosen spot.

      One thing about it, though, play with Andy, and you have to be more imaginative in how you present the toy!


      • It must get the creative juices flowing, with those high expectations and jockeying for position. My daughter’s favorite “weapon” to play with the cats is a toy fishing rod. She ties a fuzzy thing to the end and casts down the hallway. Then reels in the cats.


      • Great idea! The boys love, love, love stuff on poles, and I can see how your daughter’s take on it would really wear the little darlings out in healthy rough housing! Andy, though I thought I’d done a good job of wearing him out, is back pestering me. I think he is pretty much wound up for the day now. He’s running helter skelter, hopping on top of things, climbing the cat tree…. Now, Dougy’s stalking him. I’m going to have two cats wound up in a second or two.


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