Post 540: bored

The day started off well for the boys. Andy and I played long and hard with the wand toy. Dougy and I played a little less long, but he played with his usual enthusiasm. I thought I’d worn them out for the morning, at least, but little did I know, Dougy…well, Dougy is bored!

Andy disappeared, most likely to take a morning nap someplace. Dougy, however, plopped himself down under my computer desk.

Dougy just sat there and let out a kitty whine for attention. Dougy is a whiner.

Dougy just sat there and let out a little kittenish whine for attention. Dougy is a whiner.

He had my attention, alright. I reached under the desk to pat him on the head or rub his face, something to let him know I was paying attention.

"Too little too late!"

“Too little too late!”

Oops! Dougy’s upset with me because he wants more than token acknowledgement. I have no clue, though. Whatever he wants, I have yet to discover it. He turns his back to me to let his discouragement and general upset with me sink in. He not only whines, he pouts!

Dougy checks back with me to see if I got his message.

Dougy checks back with me to see if I got his message.

I’m still clueless, but Dougy knows he has my attention, for whatever that’s worth. I think we’re making progress, and stretch my hand out toward him to give him a nice ear scratch or something.

"Never mind!"

“Never mind!”

Dougy extracted maximum pity from me, then ran off before I picked him up for some serious “wuv”. He prefers not to be picked up, thank you! As best I can tell, this whole performance was more about distraction than getting attention.


Dougy ran off to the food bowls for a little morning pick-me-up snack, then disappeared for a few minutes. Next thing I knew, he was whining at my feet again.

“OK, Buster! I’m picking you up!” Which I did, and Dougy quickly decided he wasn’t bored any longer. I, however, decided I wasn’t through petting my kitty. Dougy grew more and more stressed. What do you do with a stressed kitty? I give him a shoulder massage until I feel the tension subside! Of course, with Dougy, that didn’t happen, so I let him down.


I just about wrote, “…and he was through whining for the rest of the day,” but he just came back over to whine once before he went over to the back door cat lounger to scratch, then take a rest. I still don’t know what his issue is!

3 thoughts on “Post 540: bored

  1. Ali has discovered I have put the bird feeders not heir poles out side the window and she is at full attention on the back of the sofa watching the little winter birds showing up already.

    • Thanks to my neighbor across the lane, my boys get to watch birds, too! It’s great entertainment for them, eh!? I’m glad to know Ali’s feeling betetr and enjoying kitty fun again!

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