Post 1677: “Boo!”


Never a good idea to fall asleep in the chair! Never know what the first thing you’ll see waking up. (Andy’s horns are up, too. He has something on his little kitty boy mind….)


Post 1636: boxed in…or out


In or out of the box, boxes (and tubs!) are a big part of the kitty boys’ day.


Boxes everywhere~!


Post 1609: Dougy’s in his happy place!



Andy’s horns are up. What’s his knothead brother up to now?!


The flamingo tub is back in favor with Dougy. It’s his current happy place! Is that it?


Andy is incredulous. What is Dougy’s fascination with the flamingo tub? Aren’t there enough great boxes around? 


Andy just doesn’t get it. (Dougy won’t tell, but I think it has something to do with Caturday. Happy Caturday!)

Post 1596: T’was the day before Christmas…

I set up the new pet fountain, an early Christmas present for the kitty boys. Andy immediately takes the empty box for his own. Dougy has a fit…


……and pouts by the dining room window.


Good grief! Andy leaves the box for a minute, Dougy returns and sits on top of Andy’s other box (the one with the second pet fountain). Andy is upset about Dougy sitting on his other box, then he shoos Dougy off the second box and sits on it! Dougy runs off to the bathroom I think, and…


…Andy returns to the first box. 

Whew! The kitty boys sort things out. Time for a nap!


Post 1573: good things come to those who wait…

Andy is minding his business on his current favorite box, and…

…Dougy is minding his on the dining room table while I work on some paperwork. Then I hear a knock at the door.

You can be sure Dougy and Andy are alert to the knock and will be very curious about anything I pull from the other side of the door!

Andy plays it cool till he sees it is a new box!! I remove the contents, a couple new books I ordered, and then I take the box into the front room to see how the kitty boys enjoy the new box. They run ahead of me, of course!

Andy is first in, too my surprise. He discovers there is hiding potential under the flap, the perfect place to be to pounce when Dougy stops by! (Is that the “Glistening Slobber of Joy” on Andy’s lips? Could be! He is very pleased with the new box.)

Of course, it helps if you are hiding under the flap before Dougy shows up. Shortly after, once Dougy hogs the new box, Andy sits outside the box and reaches over the flap to bop his kitty brother on his head. Andy will have his fun! This new box works for him on many levels. (I might add, it looked really cute when he did it, though Dougy saw no humor in the situation!)



Post 1565: morning rituals…

Andy sits there and stares: “You know this is my ‘feed me’ look!” Yes, Andy is very polite about it unless I ignore him too long, then he puts his paws on my knee and gives me a little claw action! 

Dougy waits in his box till Andy’s through eating, then he eats what’s left on the plate. (This is his new box! Something came in it in yesterday’s mail. Dougy claimed it before I finished emptying it, of course.)


While I fix my breakfast, the kitty boys come over to bug me for a sniff of the coffee or whatever else I’ve fixed for myself. Next, Dougy invariably does his “naughty kitty scratching the carpet” thing, proof that the landlord is smart making residents pay a non-refundable pet deposit to cover damage. Dang cat!


Friday is trash pick up day here, so the kitty boys get to watch me take trash out. They wait by the door to greet me coming back in. How exciting!

Dougy, of course, hopes the door will be open long enough for him to get out for a sniff or two. Cats and rabbits come by, sometimes a squirrel or bird, and Dougy wants to know the details. 





Post 1557: I have wheels again!

Waiting for Craig, Andy amused me by sneaking a peek at Dougy’s box. At least, Doug thinks it’s his. 


Andy thought he heard Dougy, and scooted away to safety!

Then Andy heard Craig arriving, but was too much a scaredy cat to wait at the door till Craig came in. Onto the box he hopped! Safety at last!

I scritched the kitty boys and told them to be good while I was gone, then Craig and I gassed up his buggy and took off for Rapid City to fetch my car. 


I had a short wait at the service department, but I saw Black Beauty parked in the lot when I arrived at the dealership. That was sufficient to settle any anxieties I had about picking up my car. It spent from September 14th to October 25th in Rapid City, long enough for me to forget how to adjust the seat, for example. (It came back to me before I drove off, but it was iffy!)

The kitty boys greeted me at the door when I arrived from Rapid City. Their multi-colored fabric toy was at the door, which was different from when I left this morning. The kitty boys played their little game to spend the hours I was gone! (There was no blood, fur, or tipped over objects, so they were  – apparently – good kitties all day.)


Best of all, Black Beauty is back in its special spot, ready to be of service when I need to go places! It was a delight driving my car again.



Post 1543: trick or treats…

Dougy slept soundly while Andy sneaked box time in the new box. Ohhhh! Danger time, Andrew! Dougy came soon after. Andy pretended he was there – next to the box – waiting for kitty treats. Good move, Andy! I had to fork over the loot to complete the deception.

Dougy hopped into the new box, of course. In time – thanks to Andy crunching kitty treats next to the new box – Dougy picked up on the fact that he better get it fluffy butt out of the box if he wanted his share.

Dougy looked and looked and walked right over the treats and looked and found the mother lode of kitty treats, but still didn’t figure out the treats were under his feet for the eating! I even pointed them out to him! 


Good grief, Dougy! I even tossed a few in the new box. Andy’s going to be “horking” kitty treats if he eats all I’ve put out for two kitties!

Dougy takes the search to the table – over here, Dougy, over here! – then hops over two packages of kitty treats to get to the floor. I hadn’t intended to trick him out of his treats! He did it on his own.

Post 1540: A new box!!! Woo hoo!

Andy and Dougy are very excited: a brand new box! Best of all, it is full of cat grass starter and lots and lots of kitty treats!


Yet Andy is incredulous.


All Andy can do is return to the table to think about strategy, perhaps, or wait till Dougy gets tired of the box. It is a bit big for one kitty!

Post 1401: Even the weeds bring us cheer…!

Don’t know what to call it, but it grows among the the thistles that have invaded and conquered most of the front flower bed (sic).

Dougy couldn’t care less. He’s enjoying his old favorite, the flamingo-colored tub!


Andy, on the other hand, likes the “real” flowers best.

A weed by any other name…is a flower. I like the yellow one best of all!IMG_20170522_111127

Here’s a better look at the yellow rose bush flowers. See why I love, love, love this rose!