Post 687: watching kitty videos…

On a cold day (16°F / -8.9°C), what better to do than to snuggle up with Dougy and watch cat videos on YouTube!?DSCN3290

20 thoughts on “Post 687: watching kitty videos…

    • No, but they do act anxious if the cat sounds like it is hurt or mad. Other than that, they pretty much ignore video. I’ve noticed Andy sometimes watches television when he’s resting on a light stand in the front room, but never for long.

      • I don’t think Andy and Dougy see the images as real. For the most part, they don;t react unless a cat makes a yowl. (Happy Birthday, incidentally! I sent you an e-card on Facebook — Doug Thomas — but perhaps others reading this will want to send you greetings too who might not get the notice there.)

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