Post 690: Caturday

This is what Caturdays are for!

This is what Caturdays are for!

23 thoughts on “Post 690: Caturday

    • It’s my plan, too, in a few minutes! (In the meantime, Dougy spotted a cricket and was tormenting it to make it hop. I think he ate it, though, because I haven’;t seen it lately.)

  1. Your kitties are so darn cute. I remember my own cats. I used to have dozens of them when I lived on the farm. Everyone of them had names too. My favorite was a large Persian named, “Footsie” and the reason he was named “Footsie” was because his hind feet seemed to me to be at least 12-inches long. My cats and I had such a good time together. I was always heart broken when one of them would leave the house and never return. It happened a lot back in those days.

    • Andy and Dougy say “Meow!” (I agree: They are cutie pies alright!) Mine are inside cats because of that possibility and the chances for encounters with cars and other disasters.

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