Post 706: Andy’s meditation… (Dedicated to FunTom the Cat)

I caught Andy in a very contemplative mood today.

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I’m not sure what’s on his mind, but he definitely doesn’t want interruptions!


FunTom doesn’t like taking his medication, either.

21 thoughts on “Post 706: Andy’s meditation… (Dedicated to FunTom the Cat)

    • Poor Ali! She’s been through so much I can imagine she is growly about anything having to do with medicine! Considering all she does to help you with Tim, you want to forgive her, I’m sure, but I know how frustrating it is to have a sick cat that won’t let you help him (or her).

      I’m really encouraged by your recent postings, though, where she seems to be coming back to health on a more gentle treatment regime,m and that’s got to be a blessing for you and Tim!

      That Prednisone is a bastard of a drug to deal with in humans. (I know just how miserable it is from having to take it for Wegener’s granulomatosis-related inflammation of my blood vessels, for a period from December 2003 through April 2005.) I can only i9magine what it’s like for kitties. The drug makes it difficult to sleep at the higher doses, something that would be terrible for a cat.

    • They do seem to have a keen sense of time, if not in our clock sense of it, don’t they? Mine pick up on very subtle cues that I’m about to take them off to the veterinarian’s or groomers’. I can’t get cleaned up or dressed to take them until after I put them in the carrier or they become very scarce because they notice the clothes I’m wearing are not my “at home” ones and maybe I don’t have a nice normal stink about me because of a shower! (LOL!)

    • True, though I’d hate to think something I could have done would have prevented it in the first place. Yes, I thought FunTom needed a little moral support after what you told me about his reluctance to take his medicine!

        • 🙂 With the cat’s approval, unfortunately! I see Ruth (sunsetdragon) has problems getting her beautiful black kitty, Ali, to take her medicines, too. That pooor kitty has had some life-threatening health issues in the past year but recently celebrated her birthday, to everyone’s relief. I should dedicate a blog to her, too, because she is the ultimate good kitty, comforting Ruth’s husband Tim, who has his own health issues.

    • That Andy is! Best of all, he is forgetful, and falls for getting caught when he falls into habitual behavior. Today, he wisely avoided me after I put out the boys’ breakfast, running every time he thought I might catch him to give him his medicine. Then, while Dougy and I were on the ottoman and glider, Andy popped by to rest on the side stand he likes to nap on. I caught him immediately, gave him his medicine, neck massage, “good boy” pep talk, and kitty treats. He’s free to be a kitty the rest of the day!

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