Post 707: Kitty on the hunt!

I don’t know what Andy had for breakfast, but he is really wound up this morning. Better watch out, Dougy! Andy’s got you in his headlights!

On the hunt!

On the hunt!

33 thoughts on “Post 707: Kitty on the hunt!

    • He does OK when he and his brother get into a staredown, that’s for sure! He’s a little toughie. I think he suffers from that Napoleon syndrome thing little guys have, where he has to prove to everyone he’s tough enough to handle himself. I’ve attached a video from a little over a year ago where he has his brother Dougy totally cowed:

    • That’s his Rin Tin Tin pose. Thanks! Andy probably would tolerate a smooch if you rubbed his ears and scratched his neck first. He can be mean to his brother, but he is a gentle soul otherwise. (Even today, wound up as he is — he just ran Dougy down in the kitchen, and I heard some kitty squeals — he is a mild kitty. Dougy’ll come out pouting soon enough. I’;ll give him some loving, and the cycle starts again! Ha!

    • He really is a sweet little kitty — most of the time! He likes to come over to me, sit down, meow once to get my attention, then have me rub his ears and face with my finger. Of course, if I scratch his neck and ears while I’m at it, he doesn’t mind!

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