Post 716: Dougy remembers something…

I thought I had a Dougy story developing today when Dougy came striding into view.



He stopped for a moment, thought about things — cat things! — then…

"The front d\oor is open! I think I'll go watch birds!"

“The front door is open! I think I’ll go watch birds!”

Anything to avoid being photographed. That’s my kitty!

19 thoughts on “Post 716: Dougy remembers something…

  1. Cats furnish a great many fun moments. They see things we can’t, they hear things we can’t hear and they follow a map that we can’t read. I would not change mine for anything.

    • Absolutely! Until I got my first cat, I didn’t appreciate just how interesting they can be. Sure, I loved petting other people’s cats and enjoying their antics, but it is much different when it’s you house being shredded to bits! Ha! <3

      • I know, right? George will stretch his claws on the carpet, but has never shredded furniture. Quite an oddity among cats. When my daughter was still at home, she got a kitten at the Humane Society and Emilee Ann sliced and diced all of the furniture in the house. *sigh* I guess that is the price of living with a princess.

      • It does seem to be a personality thing. Andy is a good boy, using only approved scratching posts, whereas Dougy is a little terror, shredding everything in his path!

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