Post 715: today I dumped breakfast on the floor…

The pancakes I made with the ripe bananas, well, I decided to eat them in the front room. Too many things in my hands… Yep! Pancakes, butter, syrup all over the little desk by my computer and the box the boys loved. Past tense.

I tossed the dumped pancakes, box, and cleaning stuff in a new trash bag and consoled myself : Mess that it was, at least it wasn’t pasta in a sloppy marinara sauce I dumped!


In other “news”, Andy proved to be a cagey adversary this morning. He anticipated my next three moves, avoiding the inevitable dose of kitty blood pressure medicine.

Yep, south end of a cat running north! I saw lots of this view today while trying to lure Andy for his medicine dose.

Yep, south end of a cat running north! I saw lots of this view today while trying to lure Andy for his medicine dose.

When Andy plays his hard to catch game, the most workable strategy is to fix something for me to eat (“the banana pancakes”). His curiosity aroused, he comes by, letting down his guard to let me scratch his ears and rub his face. This is when I grab him, right?

Yes and no. I decided a long time ago that scruffing him isn’t a good idea, that I have to catch him without hurting him in any way. That means maneuvering him into a position where I can hold him down with one hand and scoop him up with the other. That requires diverting his attention from my plan to catch him, which he seems to work out three steps ahead of me.

Today, I used a stick of butter. Yep! Mean old me held it where Andy could sniff it from afar but was blocked from escape on all but one side. He never saw what happened!

"When do I get the butter?!" Andy, moments before I gave him his medicine. Good kitty!

“When do I get the butter?!”
Andy, moments before I gave him his medicine. Good kitty!

It’s difficult holding an unhappy cat and taking his photo at the same time. This was the best I could do under the circumstances, yet it somehow captures the pathos of the moment…!

30 thoughts on “Post 715: today I dumped breakfast on the floor…

  1. When I give pills to the dogs I often put them in a piece of butter making the butter trick even more effective. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s a good idea for cats.

    For some reason I can’t seem to master pilling anymore. I used to be quite good at it, but I’ve lost the knack. I can manage a feeding tube and sub-Q injections just fine, but pilling? Forget it! For my cats I use a pill crusher and put the powder in a little tuna or canned food.

    • If the boys were more consistent about eating everything on their plate, I’d use the crushed pill method, but it’s been less than effective in past. I wish it did work with them because it definitely was easier than catching and dosing them!

  2. It stinks that you lost your breakfast! Sounds like it was going to be good too. Banana pancakes are yummy! Pretty clever using the butter to distract Andy while pilling him 🙂

    • The pancakes are really yummy made with banana (and apple sauce), for sure! I’m glad I wasn’t really hungry for that much breakfast, though. I made the pancakes mostly because I had bananas ripen faster than expected.

  3. Oh he does look very unhappy. Ali is not liking her new meds. and I would think she would as it is only once a day and liquid. In just five days the ulcers in her mouth, ears and nasal passage are gone. I am hoping we are on the right track.

    • I hope so, too, Ruth. Poor Ali’s been through a nightmare of health issues since this started, and one hopes this latest round of medicine will finally take care of her issues! I hope there are no side issues with the new medicine, too.

  4. Yes, that is definitely the unhappy cat look. Hope he did not persist in pouting all day. I was sorry to hear about the loss of your breakfast. I hate when that happens.

    • I wasn’t hungry for that much breakfast, though I’d rather not have to clean it off the floor! Anyway, Andy forgives quickly, though he definitely is a sad looking little victim until he has his medicine!

  5. Oh my. I think I would rather clean up spaghetti sauce rather than sticky syrup. Ugh. Im surprised the boys did not dive for your lost breakfast. Thank God that the dish did not land on one of the boys. What a horrible mess that would have been. I did that with fried eggs not too long ago.

    • Ugh! That would have been especially messy! I remember once (when the boys were kittens) when one of the kittens had a diarrhea attack in their carrier. When I opened the door once we got home, there was a diarrhea-contaminated kitten running all over the house. Fortunately, he ran to a bathroom, where I quickly trapped him, but things were a mess just the same.

    • Yeah, poor Andy! It always amazes me, though, how he doesn’t struggle when I have him in this position until I start to put the medicine in his mouth. He actually is a pretty good kitty about things!

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