Post 737: Seriously, what was Dougy thinking…??

Andy’s a little guy, but don’t think he is a pussycat when Dougy steps outside well-defined kitty territorial lines! Yet he did just that.

It's obvious to all Andy's claimed not only the empty box here, but the over-turned wastepaper basket: "MINE!"

It’s obvious to all Andy claims not only the empty box here, but the over-turned wastepaper basket, too: “MINE!”

Yet even Andy has to take a break. So, despite Dougy’s presence in the room, Andy goes for a drink of water at the fountain. It won’t take long, he figures.

Andy out of the way, Dougy snoops at the box and makes plans to scrunch into it as best he can...!

Andy out of the way, Dougy snoops at the box and makes plans to scrunch into it as best he can…! There’s a saying: “When the cat’s away the…” Oh no, that was mice, not cat brothers! Never mind! 

"No! No! No!" says Andy. Dougy gets caught in  mid-snoop.

“No! No! No!” says Andy. Dougy gets caught in mid-snoop.

This won’t do! He gives Doug the “Screaming Mad Stink Eye that Makes Fur Fall Off Your Tail and Your Whiskers Take Off and Run” look all cats know is serious business. And Dougy knows it is serious business. Dougy heads on out, pronto! dougy gives it up for andy

Whew! Dougy got away with it this time, but only because he heeded Andy’s message. AND, though the magazines by the computer desk also are Andy’s, Andy can’t be both there and over at the box and wastepaper basket, too. Dougy plays his cards well!

One eye on Dougy and the other on the box, Andy verifies all is how he left it. Dougy's stink will leave soon enough!

One eye on Dougy and the other on the box, Andy verifies all is how he left it. Dougy gets away with the magazine matter this time !

Dougy once again finds out Andy is a tough little bugger when it comes to HIS things!

Must be time to feed the kitties. When I got up this morning — that is, when the cats got me up…– they both had innocent looks on their chops and all the wastepaper baskets were tipped over and rummaged through. They are not subtle!

38 thoughts on “Post 737: Seriously, what was Dougy thinking…??

  1. I have been trying to think of a way to teach Ali to pick up her toys bu not going to happen.
    Your boys are with cleaning up after.
    Ali sits and watches me get up in the morning and after feeding her I start picking up her toys and putting them back in her cubby.
    I fall asleep and she is out and about scattering them all over at night.
    I am not complaining through after she was so sock for so long and she didn”t even play anymore and I am grateful she plays again.
    You and the boys have a good week end.

    • Thanks! The cat brothers get along very well, but they do have limits to what they can tolerate in the other brother! Dougy is bad about taking over things Andy claims, so Andy has lots of experience dealing with his naughty brother.

      • For me is a big mess in the home with only one cat 🙂 she is really a naughty cat, can create a big mess in any room… But we love her, so I can try to imagine your home with them 🙂 You are welcome, love, nia

        • Yes, two cats are terrible mess makers, and I am not the best housekeeper anyway. Since they are long-haired cats, I live in a world of shed cat hair. Ha! Speaking of that, it is the season for shedding, and if I were clever I could make a sweater from all the hair they leave everywhere! 🙂

    • Good! I get a lot of pleasure out of watching my cats do their cat things, and this defense of box business is one of the more serious issues Andy has with his brother Dougy., LOL! 🙂

      • I have two friends, my dogs, that have this love/hate relationship…..when it comes to sleeping arrangements they jockey for position…..usually on the bed with me even though they have ample space throughout the house for sleeping……..

        • I know exactly how that goes!

          Of course, with my cats, Dougy is the only one that occasionally gets in bed and sleeps for awhile next to me.

          Andy likes to sleep on top of a small bookcase next to a fan or on top of a dresser next to my bed.

          Dougy likes to sleep on the floor, next to my bed mostly.

          Dogs, though, I think are more likely to want to join us in bed, and I always welcomed my dog to join me in bed when I had one as a kid.

          I can imagine two dogs would have to work out place issues when it came to bedtime!

          If I didn’t live in an apartment in a retirement village, I’d probably have a dog or two. Always liked them, but they do require a different sort of attention than cats and (in my setting) barking and pooping can become issues with neighbors really fast.

          (I note that I never was good at training dogs not to bark, etc., so know I’d see the animal control officer regularly if I still had one. Ha!)

          I especially like dogs that are big enough to wrestle but not so small you might hurt they accidentally when rough housing with them! That is to say, dogs like Peanuts, my childhood dog.

          • The small male seem to prefer my pillows…..the female who is much larger wants to sleep width-wise in bed…..I am lucky my dogs bark only when someone or thing is around the house they do not share their yard with others….

          • I had to laugh thinking about bedtime at your house! I know some people find the idea of sharing a bed with a pet odd or unpleasant, but I always enjoyed having my pup sleeping with me (when he wanted to sleep with me, anyway). When Dougy sleeps with me, he likes to wrap his body around my arm so he’s in between my body and my arm. It isn’t always the most comfortable position, but it keeps my arm warm in winter!

          • When I was a kid we were extremely poor and dogs were ten time better than blankets… if I am not in bed first then there is a bit of a shoving match for position…..and none of us wants to relinquish territory once established….LOL

          • Or lick you on the fa=ce and great you with a wagging tail at the end of the day when you come home from work, all stressed out and fatigued!

            I guess we settled that questions with the definitive reasons for having a minimum of one doggy, eh?! 🙂

          • Will do! I’m getting a bit more caught up on the backlog that grew when I was computerless last week, but I think I’ve managed to see all of your updates in the Reader. Anyway, knowing you plan a dog post will bring me around for sure!

          • My female has to take a pill twice a day….at 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening and she will tell me when it is time….I mean barks and grunts until I get up…..

          • You must give them to her in a tasty package or something. That’s great she is a willing helper in this way! I have to give Andy a liquid dose of medicine for blood pressure once a day, and it takes a bit of stealth catching him. I give him lots of loving before and after the medicine, praising him for being a good boy (which he basically is…!), then I give him a kitty treat. He’s gotten to the point where he is reluctant to let me catch him to give him medicine, but he remembers the nice parts of the process. Little by little, he’s putting up less resistance!

          • The little male when he hears the water for his bath he becomes stealth puppy……we play hide and seek for about an hour then he gets tired and gives up…..then ignores me for about an hour…..paying me back no doubt…..

          • Washing cats is no picnic, either! When the boys were kittens, they had a parasite the picked up eating a grasshopper. Till that was worked out, they had regular diarrhea. Persian cats with diarrhea…! Anyway, I got to give them lots of baths during their kitten months, and it only got harder after each episode. I can appreciate your poor dog’s reaction to the realization a bath is on the way…! 🙁

    • I wish! I think they have tywo purposes: to locate something yummy to eat (though I don’t through food waste in any they can access…!) and to nestle in, a little “cavern” nest!

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