Post 777: bringing the flowers home…

Thanks to cool, rainy weather the past few days, the potted flowers I put out for Memorial Day survived nicely.
Today, though, it was time to bring them home. After a few days, the city removes flowers and decorations not retrieved by family and friends, so I always err on the side of “too soon”.

gram thomas

They have, after all, served their purpose on the holiday, and now it’s time to serve a happier, more decorative purpose on my front and dad

My camera battery “died” after the first two floral portraits. A third flower will have to wait to be photographed. This is how I let my brother and sisters know I took care of Memorial Day here.

A cousin who usually decorates two of the same graves I do (her father and our paternal grandmother; my parents) didn’t make it up to Alliance this year for whatever reason. I’ll call her because it is very unusual for her to miss Memorial Day. She publishes a major issue of her newspaper this time of year — I just got it in the mail the other day — and I am concerned she may have worked herself into a bad cold or something. This special edition always takes a lot out of her, so I am concerned she missed the holiday here.

I know she will feel better knowing those two graves were tended to, so this is how I will let her know, too. I pray she is OK.

29 thoughts on “Post 777: bringing the flowers home…

    • The geraniums are traditionally the ones we put out in this family, though I broke a little with that tradition this year by putting out two other varieties as well.

  1. Many cultures believe it a taboo to use cut flowers as they represent death and dying; whereas, potted flowers and plants celebrate life and wellness. I think your choice of using potted plants greatly honors the life of your loved ones as your relationship is only on pause. One day you all will be reunited and living flowers represent your continuing relationships. It is a lovely idea and now you can enjoy their beauty the rest of the summer and think of your loved ones.

    Your cousin’s welfare will be in my prayers. I hope she is okay with other reasons for not making the traditional trip. Sometimes, traditions must be changed to accommodate those left to live them.

    Be Well, my friend.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I know better than to try to call her in the morning or until after she’s completed her newspaper for the week, so it will be Thursday most likely that I finally call her.

  2. Oh my…we hope your cousin is ok. Mom recognizes begonias in the first pot In the hanging basket are those geraniums? How nice you can leave them and nobody takes them. Not so sure around here. It is lovely that you do this every year. Makes us feel happy that you are honouring folk.

    (((Shoko, Kali and Jean)))

      • Beautiful flowers. If, you are in a warmer climate you can cut back the geraniums and winter them over. I always want to be in that kind of climate cause digging bulbs and saving them for next year never works with me. Either they dry out too much and become dust or Shoko is in there batting them about.


        • It seems my mother used to do something with geraniums to save them for the next year. It seems she unpotted them, dried them out, then replanted them the next year as dry rooted starts. I could be wrong about this…!

          • My grandmother left them in the pots, only watered them very moderately (I think in the mid of winter she stopped completely) and cut all the green parts back. She wintered all her geraniums and was very well rewarded for her efforts.

          • I’ll have to give that a try. I know my mother put them in a dark spot in the basement, too. I don’t have a basement here, but I probably can improvise.

    • Most people put out artificial flowers or cut real ones. I think it is so they don’t feel that bad if the city trashes them before they can pick them up. I don’t know. I’ve always preferred real over artificial flowers.

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