Post 844: Andy just doesn’t learn!

I’m a little surprised Andy still sleeps on my computer desk in the afternoon considering I keep catching him there for his medicine! Yet, there the wee darling is:


All I have to do is reach over and I have me a cat, captured and ready for dosing! Simple, painless (for me!), and quick. I’m beginning to think Andy might enjoy the ritual.a

I mean, does that look like a stressed out cat to you? After I snapped the photo, he went back to sleep.

23 thoughts on “Post 844: Andy just doesn’t learn!

  1. Cats, like owls, are real contortionists (owls can turn their heads equally strange). And yes, of course Andy knows what is to come. But he also knows you are not getting younger and if he wants to keep you around, he must make things easier on you. Besides, since you kept insisting on getting him his medicine, he might have just given up on futile resistance.

    • I think he finally realizes he gets kitty treats after he goes through this ordeal, so the sooner he takes his medicine like a big boy, the sooner he gets his treats!

    • I think you are right, Ruth. As noted elsewhere, I think he realizes the sooner he takes his medicine, the sooner he gets the kitty treats I give him afterwards. He does like his kitty treats!

  2. He looks like a sweetheart! Maybe that’s what he’s counting on and you’ll leave him be. Well, he’s a little slow if he thinks after this length of time that you’ll be giving up. Kali does the same thing or crawls under the blanket….like mom can’t see a big lump lying on the chair. MOL I guess we all have our funny ways.


      • That must be how it goes…one is gentle and the other can be a real terror. It would be awful to have 2 terrors! I know Kali is there for me when I’m down or in a lot of pain. Shoko will want to play and hit me to play. You know, jump on my pillow…all things to get me up and moving. haha

        • It’s that personality thing, I guess. Andy had less time with his mother as a kitten than Dougy did. I don’t know if that had an impact or not, but he seems less confident than Dougy. Dougy has always been my little explorer, even as a kitten, whereas Andy is more cautious about open doors, for example, or new toys.

          • I suppose you might be right. Kali was a spoiled kitten…by spoiled I mean, her furmom and furdad were loving pawents. Shoko’s mom turned on her kittens in the SPCA and had to be put to sleep. No motherly love there. Shoko is not a great adventurer unless I’m there. Kali is curious but hesitant. Of the two, Kali is more outgoing. Shoko is outgoing once she knows you. They certainly have their personalities.

          • Sounbds a lot like my two, though they had the same mother and she was a good mommy to them. Dougy had more tiu8me with his mother than Andy, and I wonder if that has something to do with their personalities since Andy is more hesitant and Dougy is Mr. Confidence.

    • Yeah, that he is! I think he’s equally cute when I have him on his back in my arms. His little back feet curl up in a cut way. He usually lets out one small yelp to let me know he is unhappy, but he'[s generally a brave little soldier when I give him his medicine. I mean, he doesn’t spit it up, though it sometimes is a trick getting it into his mouth since he twists his head away from the syringe in ways that cat heads can twist. That is to say, 360 degrees if that’s what it takes to avoid the medicine, or try to. Ha! (Seriously, he can twist his head quite a way.)

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