Post 845: an ordinary day…

The day started out typically.

A typical morning: Mr on the computger watching YouTube videos, Andy resting on my computer, and Dougy looking out the window.

Morning ritual: Me on the computer watching YouTube videos, Andy resting on my computer, and Dougy looking out the window.

Dougy sees a bird!

Dougy sees a bird!

Andy watches Dougy watching the bird. Later, when Dougy's off for a drink of water, he'll go over to the window spot and see for himself what was so interesting to his brother.

Andy watches Dougy watching the bird. Later, when Dougy’s off for a drink of water, he’ll go over to the window spot and see for himself what was so interesting to his brother.

Andy came back to the top of the computer, though. That’s his spot where he’s happiest to be when I’m on the computer.
Dougy’s still off doing cat business elsewhere. I guess he saw enough of birds from the back window. Of course, he might be in my bedroom, looking out that window, too!

16 thoughts on “Post 845: an ordinary day…

    • Mine get very suspiciuous on days I take them to the veterinarian or groomer. I have to close off doors to rooms where they can hide under beds or behind things, which immediately puts them on alert…! Then, after the first once ius caught (usually the easier one of two captures), the other one becomes a fugitive. I have had a couple instances where I had to reschedule a veterianrian’s appointment for one cat because I couldn’;t catch them both on the day they were supposed to go in. I’ve also had to take one cat to the groomer, then return home to catch the second one while there was still time to get him in for his grooming. Since I schedule grooming appointments a year in advance (! – I have a schedule made up in November each year), missing a grooming date could mean a cat has to go ungroomed for two more months. The groomer is very busy!

      • Wow, a year in advance! Thanks to you, I PLAN ON TRYING A GROOMER FOR sHOKO THIS FALL. I HAVE ONE CHOSEN…THE ONLY ONE IN pRINCE gEORGE THAT GIVES CATS A SPA DAY. Oh crap…try and ignore the capital letters….I’m being lazy.
        If, I’m alone I tackle vet day differently than when Bill is home. Usually I put the carrier on a bed and the carrier door is open but sitting on a pillow for easy entrance. I pick up Kali and we head for the carrier. I put her down at the open door and push her butt gently and she walks into the carrier. When Bill is home,its every kitty for herself. He walks heavier than I do and usually has to get her from under the bed. I will explain to him how I will handle it next time.
        Shoko is a different kettle of kitty. She is nosy and wonders what’s happening. She has a cardboard carrier because she is so lite and the cardboard carrier is much easier for me to carry. I pick her up and put her in and she looks around and when I close the lid….then she gets the idea that perhaps she’s going somewhere she doesn’t want to go. The same reaction with Bill.

        • I use one large carrier for both boys. It has a handle and wheels (it’s meant for travel with a small dog.) It is the blue carrier you see Andy perched on in many photos. I leave it and a couple other carriers out for the same reason you do – with the doors open and nice bedding inside. The boys actually take naps in them from time to time, and I have trapped Dougy this way in past. There are only two places to get pets groomed in this small town, and I am fortunate that one is just three blocks away from where I live. Even more fortunate, the women who do the grooming think Andy and Dougy are very nice cats! Apparently they cooperate well with the groomers (even the bath part…!) and don’t bite or scratch, two things that could get a pet banished from grooming there. That’s always my first question when I pickj them up: “We the boys good?”

          • I only saw Kali try that twice….I immediately took a dislike to the peeps. Once was a vet….longtime vet…we eventually switched vets. The second time it was a lady that ran a salon….I never took them back there again. Kali is way too mild mannered for this crap. If, she is upset, there is a reason. Shoko runs from everyone, so she’s no indicator. Both cats have there claws but only Shoko uses them. Kali makes sure hers are tucked away.

          • Dougy always has to explore new places, so my biggest problem with him is he wants to jump off the examination table to go check out the clinic or salon! Andy tends to be stoic about things like examinations, though he did take exception to having a small spot on the underside of his tail being shaved so they could check his blood pressure. That was one day he was a little “growly”! (Can you blame the poor dear? His tail is his pride and joy!

          • I’d be more than growly if they tried that on me Doug! My two are wimps at the vets. Shoko will stretch her neck so high she looks weird…part bird, part cat. Both of them end up sticking their heads inside my coat or up my sleeve. They don’t get points for being brave so they aren’t. When we leave, I’m covered in fur all over my jacket. I swear Kali see’s the vet sign and immediately drops 3/4 of her fur.

          • Andy gets a little panicky, but mostly behaves well at the vet. Dougy is a good boy as long as he doesn’t take off exploring. (We close the doors so he doesn’t get loose!) Of course, it helps that the vet and technicians where I take them all are very gentle with small animals.

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