Post 858: Andy finds the ‘nip…

Neither Andy nor Dougy gets goofy on ‘nip. Dougy shows no reaction to it and Andy just mellows out.

Andy found the 'nip and had a wee sniff and taste of it...

Andy found the ‘nip and had a wee sniff and taste of it…

The good time begins...

The good time begins…

“Good sxxx, man…!”
Andy approves of this batch of ‘nip.



24 thoughts on “Post 858: Andy finds the ‘nip…

  1. Mol…fun times! We got in cycles…sometimes we just can’t get enough and other times you couldn’t bribe us to have any. I imagine most kitties are this way. Mom had a cat that got depressed on it and would go sit in the corner by herself whenever she had it. We love our fresh but same thing….its a sometimes thing. Perhaps we’ve seen too many neighbourhood cats flush from the nip….looks disgusting. MOL



  2. Loo at those beautiful faces. Such sad news about little Fuji and make me love Ali even more and she gets more snuggles.
    Ali gets on nipped she climbs the wall.


    • Valerian, no. (You and others have mentioned it — I will give it a try!) I tried the silvervine and there were two things I didn’t like about it: cost and the boys became very aggressive toward each other under its influence.


    • I played with and hugged my kitties often today. The news about little Fuji reminded me how Andy and Dougy were sick little kittens when I first had them. So soon after the death of Louie the ginger cat, their health was a major worry for weeks.


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