Post 871: beautiful…!

Wow! Andy and Dougy came back from the groomer’s looking like movie stars! Money well spent, I say, and Murphy’s Grooming Boutique once again made me a very satisfied customer! 

Dougy almost avoided the flash....!

Dougy almost avoided the flash….!

Pretty as a picture...of Andy!

Pretty as a picture…of Andy!

Yes, the boys were very, very happy to be home again after a longer than usual day at the spa. (I have it on good authority they not only were good boys, the barking dog didn’t bother them! What brave little guys they are!)

32 thoughts on “Post 871: beautiful…!

    • I am really happy with how their spa day turned out! Aside from lookign good, they were good boys at the groomer’s. Since the groomer reserves the right to deny service to bad kitties and dogs, I appreciate the fact that they behave while there. Andy sometimes gets a little bored and uncooperative, I understand, but they know the boys from earlier visits, know what to do to keep them on track.

    • It’s in the low 30°C range here this week, so they are OK. Actually, their fur is very thick, even trimmed up this way, so they do fine. Also, since they are inside cats, I can control the temperatures they are exposed to.

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