Post 872: back to routine…

Yesterday was a very busy one for the boys, so they were especially happy to finally get home. Home, they could eat a snack, drink a little water, do those important kitty things they couldn’t do while being pampered on spa day.

Pimped-up Dandy Andy

Pimped-up Dandy Andy

 We played a little wand toy but the main thing the boys wanted to do was let their tails down and give themselves a proper kitty tongue bath.

Whatever issue they had between them earlier — they were chasing each other and acting very territorial over trivial bits of “turf…”– no longer was a concern.

Each went his own way, occasionally stopping by his brother to sniff him: “Is that you brother?! You smell different….!” 

…and we had a little ‘nip! Er…nap! Well, both!

28 thoughts on “Post 872: back to routine…

    • You mean “purrdy”, of course, GP! Thanks! They always look so nice after a day at the spa, and that lasts a few hours before they look like standard issue kitties again. LOL!

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