Post 873: Andy’s busy morning….

Andy’s on the prowl this morning. He doesn’t know what he wants, but when he finds it…! Yes, he’ll know it!

Not in the kitchen...

“Not in the kitchen…”

“Maybe it’s in here.”
Andy tries the front room.

“Yes! I have found it!”
The old reliable wastepaper basket overturned!

18 thoughts on “Post 873: Andy’s busy morning….

  1. Ahh ha caught in the act Andy. Even a handsome boy like you has boundaries that Doug puts up for you. But hasn”t Doug learned yet that he lives within your boundaries and not the other way around. Give him time Andy he will learn.

  2. I love it when they have their special places they like to return to! Sonu Singh is often found under my small stool in the kitchen, or under my dining table, on one of the chairs!

    • It does make it easier when one needs to catch a cat to go to the veterinarian or groomer! Of course, the boys rotate favorite spots. Though he usually likesto sleep on the back shelf of my computer desk, behind the all-in-one machine, Andy’s been using another favorite the past few days: the clothes dryer. Dougy’s current spot is somewhere in the spare bedroom, probably under the bed or the end table.

    • Oh yeah! I confess, though, that I turn them over on their sides that way because that is what the cats are going to do to them anyway. I think they are less interested in the stuff in them than they are in the potential for a kitty cave.

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