Post 1040: The fur did fly…!

Andy and Dougy generally get along great. That isn’t to say these siblings don’t get hissy with each other from time to time, and today was one of those times. The fur did fly!

Andy is avoiding Dougy for the time being. Can you say "ailurophobia"?

Andy is avoiding Dougy for the time being. Can you say “ailurophobia”?


33 thoughts on “Post 1040: The fur did fly…!

    • LOL! The boys have lots of waysto get relief from closeness in the apartment. I probably could rent a smaller place and get along just fine, but i doubt the boys could deal with a smaller place.


  1. With even more cats I can understand. It’s like a junior high, click and allegiances change. Since the winter I noticed Cloud getting batted by his mother and going to Simba who happily lets him groom her no end. Hissy fits are no stranger here.

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    • They’ll be best buddies again before the day’s out. I don’t know what the issue that got them into a fighting mood this morning, but it happened near my walker. Perhaps they both wanted to get on it at the same time and there was a dispute over which cat had priority.

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      • I’m so glad to hear that they don’t hold a grudge, but do wonder what the feud was about… Purrseidon, Sapehera and Mr. M usually get along well – Purr & Saphera will occasionally fight, but it is more play than anything else and I’ve never noticed animosity. Mr. M hides in a box when there is tension – actually he spends a lot of time in boxes, and not just due to tensions… About the only time I’ve noticed that Purr and M didn’t agree was when we had that displaced cat for the weekend – M thought he was great, but Purrseidon took an instant dislike … I didn’t realize that Saphera didn’t like that cat, until is was gone and she perked up…


      • Not really. The only thing that works is total acceptance of the territorial claims each makes. Mostly they accept these claims or honor them, when the other is around. The recliner is a big one for both cats, though the recliner also is big enough and has enough wonderful spots to recline that both can be on it at the same time without too much bickering.

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