Post 1046: the lost photos…and a new gizmo

Back in April, I lost one of my drives. Today I finally took the computer in for repairs. Well, for a fix, because the repair for that specific type of port no longer exists. The fix, however, does, and it is yet another gizmo with a wire that fits a specific connection on my computer. What a tangled mess!

I’ve tried to go 100% wireless over the years, yet, well, here we go! But I can pull up photos off the SD memory card again, hence the title above. I thought the photos were pretty much lost forever, though I guarantee they aren’t that wonderful. First, though, here’s the gizmo:

You insert the SD memory card on the side.

You insert the SD memory card on the side.

This isn't one of the lost photos. It is, however, a cute one of Dougy waiting to be scritched.

This isn’t one of the lost photos. It is, however, a cute one of Dougy waiting to be scritched. You deserve a kitty photo for stopping by.

Well, shxt! I saved the lost photos to the SD card in the USB gizmo, then put it back in my camera, where I outsmarted myself and reformatted the SD memory card: The photos truly are lost now!  Aren’t you glad they stunk and weren’t worth posting?! Grr!


43 thoughts on “Post 1046: the lost photos…and a new gizmo

  1. You say you would like to go wireless but apparently you have not. Can you share the reason? I use T-Mobile’s 18gb-per-month plan and it is more than enough for me. I usually use about 8 or 10 gb of it before it rolls over. Of course all I do is blog and do some online business. I don’t do a lot of movies or anything.

    • I’m beuing forced by computer woes to revert to peripherals that are wired, but I have WiFi connecting my PC and laptop to the internet. So far that works OK. (Said he, putting the kiss of death on his wireless Internet connection….!)

    • What a miserable outcome! I did enjoy my little trip, though, because the Sandhills are greener more than usual this year, thanks to higher rainfall so far. Most of the summer, the grass will be browned out after a brief green period.

  2. I’ve been teching since I±±B±±M machines took up half the room and used punch cards and in my humble opinion it just gets worse every years. That’s why KISS should be the motto in all things tech, but no the children want their bells and whistles/ Sorry about the photos, bad or not. Do appreciate the kitty for stopping by.

    • SOmeone “improves” something, ruining it for the majority of users, who have to shell out money to catch up with the “improvement”. Yep! I have a work for these improvements…!

    • That, too! Andy is especially bad about mouthing wires or swatting them around. Of course, he’s the one that claims the top of my PC for cat business – watching birds out the window…

        • Curiously, because of technical issues with the laptop (the cursor locked up after a Microsoft improvement in the crap OS Windows 10), I had to get a mouse to use with it. The touchpad is crap.

          • I regret the day I accepted a free download! I wasn’t really thrilled with Windows 8 on my laptop when I bought it, and hoped for something better than I got in 10. As for my PC, I bought it when Vista was the OS, and that was OK once I got used to using it. I was happiest with XP, which was the OS used on my PC at work. Not to suggest I am a bit of a Luddite, but i am against change that complicates things. There’s very little on Windows 10 that does things simpler or better that earlier OS’s, as far as my personal experience goes.

          • I’ve heard horror stories about 8, too… In fact XP is the only one that I haven’t heard complaints about, but apparently they don’t support that any more.

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