Post 1045: trash diving…

There are certain behaviors I didn’t associate with cats until I got Andy and Dougy. Butt sniffing, for example. They do it, you know! And trash diving…!

Yes, trash diving. The first time I observed this in cats, the bad kitty was Dougy. Then I observed Andy do it. What?!

I hear a rustle on my left...!

I hear a rustle on my left…!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Get out of there, Andy! Kitties don't trash dive! (Well, I don't think they do.)

Hey! Hey! Hey! Get out of there, Andy! Kitties don’t trash dive! (Well, I don’t think they do.)

Andy hears it differently. "Do you want kitty food, Andy?" he thinks he heard, so he heads for the refrigerator.

Andy hears it differently. “Do you want kitty food, Andy?” he thinks he heard, so he heads for the refrigerator.

"Kitty food! Kitty food! Kitty food!" Andy has his priorities!

“Kitty food! Kitty food! Kitty food!” Andy has his priorities! I feed the kitties and the trash diving stops for the day. 

73 thoughts on “Post 1045: trash diving…

    • Dave, I’m approaching an age where I recognize two things: 1. Andy and Dougy probably will be my last pets, 2. with my health issues, they may outlast me! I’ve even talked with my lawyer about the possibilities for setting up my will to provide for them until they die, should I die first. The other issue, should I die first, is finding someone who’d take two cats, presumably older than they are now. They are going to be five years old on July 1st of this year. Andy has a heart murmur, Dougy requires a Lysine supplement. Getting cats to take medicine is not something just anyone is willing to take on! Plus Persians can have issues relative to their breed.

      • So sorry to hear my friend. I don’t know what to say as my other half hates animals and I would give my life to cats. If only we could have the perfect partner who shares our passions… I would’ve taken your Persians in a New York minute as long as transportation could be arranged but she won’t hear of it. Long life with little pain, my friend, and here’s hoping you somehow outlive your cats. Love and peace with my best wishes, Dave.

          • Unfortunately the longer we live the more we wear out! I’m at the nurse again tomorrow for a twice annual blood work test. Seems my kidneys are failing on top of my other issues, old age sucks. I don’t even reach retirement age for another 3 and a half years but at this rate I’ll be lucky to see 70. Sadly my misspent youth is catching up on me, but I regret nothing about my youth.

          • Good luck in the blood work! I was in good health until I turned 55, then it all went to hell. That was when I was diagnosed with Wegener’s granulomatosis. My doctor announced this diagnosis by saying there were three possibilities for what I had, that WG is what the tests established I had, and that I’d be dead in two years! Lol! On the third anniversary of diagnosis, I had a doctor’s appointment. I reminded my doctor of his comments when he told me what I had. “That sounds like something I’d say,” her said. By then, though, we had a good doctor/patient relationship, and the comments were a joke between us.

            I hope you don’t have to go the same route I did, with thrice weekly dialysis! Though it is not uncomfortable for the most part, let alone painful, it does take at least five or so hours of you time each treatment for four hours since there is lots of preparation and set up at both ends. They do provide a television that swings into place to keep you occupied, and I watch news or home improvement programs.

            As for longevity, focus on the daily blessings. I know that I will probably die earlier than I would if my medical issues didn’t exist, so that means I just need to live bigger in the present!

          • Well, I would never have believed that medical science could get things so wrong. Lol, I wish I could say something light and funny but what can you say to that? At 20, which was a long time ago now, I was decorating my bed sit when I stood up on a chair which was too close to the Adams mantelpiece and caught my back. Since then the pain comes and goes in severity, the drugs help a lot to manage it. Any day the pain doesn’t cripple me before the meds kick in is a bonus. I used to spend a fortune buying these painkillers now I get them on prescription isn’t it funny how life goes? I know this won’t kill me early but my body seems to be closing down since my 2nd discotomy, misspent youth coming back to haunt me?

        • The darn cats know I will feed them kitty treats or their wet food meals if they trash drive. I leave dry food out for them at all times since they don’t over eat it. That is to say, they have food if they want it. (Both Dougy and Andy are within the acceptable weight for their size. I know it isn’t generally recommended that you leave food out for your cats because some will become grossly over-weight if uyou do. I think the reason Andy and Dougy remain slim — and they are neutered — is they keep each other active through chase games.

    • Andy is a clever little guy. He knows how to open cabinets. I have to block the ones where he can get into garbage or exciting trash (you know, candy wrappers or cellophane).

        • That is a possibility I’d not considered! If there are such things suitable to put out in the open, I’d consider thwarting my little Persian trash divers that way! I’ll check the Internet after I finish with comments. Thanks!

          • The plastic garbage tins or wastebaskets look quite appealing….guess you just have to look for the ones that ‘float your boat.’ I have even seen kitchen garbage tins but not lately….they may be a remnat of a for gone age….like the 80’s. Had to think about that one! I was married then too….crap, I’ve been married like forever. It’s pretty bad when one can’t really remember when they weren’t married.

          • I found steel ones with lids that I ordered today. They also come with liners. Apparently they are meant to be used for soiled diapers or cat poop.

  1. Yes, Andy has his priorities! Lucio cat would be the trash can tipper in our house. He can’t resist!

    I have a friend whose old cat Monty used to steal used dental floss out of the trash. He ingested some one day, necessitating a trip to the vet. The vet advised at that point just to watch for it coming out the other end. All things must pass, and that it did, successfully. The cat was known as “Old Floss Butt” after that.

    Have a great day, and give Andy and Dougy a pet from me. The cats here send a big “Meow!”

  2. Cat’s behaviors never cease to amaze. Tony liked to lick the glue from clear packing tape, only clear packing tape.

    • Oh, yes! Andy and Dougy love to chew magazines and paper. I have to watch them so they don’t pull these things put of the trash, chew them, and ingest pieces.

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