Post 1054: bath time…

Dougy attends to personal hygiene.

Dougy attends to personal hygiene.

Andy cleans up, too!

Andy cleans up, too!

26 thoughts on “Post 1054: bath time…

    • Between grooming and a special diet that helps eliminate hairballs, I only occasionally step on something icky and wet while walking around the place in the dark. LOL! They don’t get them too often, though I’m sure they would if they didn’t eat that food formulated to help prevent hairballs and weight issues in indoor cats.

        • If you look at today’s blog, you can see how much of it was on the floor the day I took the Dougy photos. I could have PhotoShopped it out of the pictures (and often have to!) but I apparently was blind to it that day. I have a lot of vacuuming to do, thanks to two Persian kitties, and that’s even with grooming them regularly.

        • I have to keep the toilet lid shut, too, though that’s because they both hop on it to get on the sink. I’d hate to one of them land in the toilet, then run all over the house leaving a wet trail of toilet water!

          • Well, the only time she goes for the sink is when there is water in it… wet paw prints everywhere used to be a constant problem, but we’re learning not to provide ‘opportunities’ … our main problems arise when guests are over.

          • I understand what you mean! We know our kitties and how they react to their environment, for good or ill. People unfamiliar with our kitties inadvertently create kitty opportunities to be, well, cats!

            In my recent experience, the neighbors who graciously took care of Andy and Dougy for the two plus months I was hospitalized and in therapy did some cleaning and straightening up in my apartment. They didn’t realize the reason I covered the counters with cereal boxes and other things was to discourage my cats from hopping up there.

            They straightened up the counters, putting things away, and both Andy and Dougy discovered new territory to exp[lore!

            I was not happy to find they were counter cats when I got home.

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