Post 1059: “Oh, I see you have long-haired cats!”

I love my kitties, but they are a housekeeping nightmare some days. I cleaned up one hairball by the guest bedroom, for example, before I stepped in it. Then there is the matter of the front room carpet. I vacuumed that two days ago. Here’s what it looks like by my computer two days later…! (The rest of the carpet isn’t quite this bad, but it looks like the boys have been there.)

Gad! I think there's at least one kitty's worth of hair there!

Gad! I think there’s at least one kitty’s worth of hair there!

Dougy plans his break, but Andy just wants to see what's outside. He doesn't want to go out.

Yeah, yeah! They are adorable just the same!


31 thoughts on “Post 1059: “Oh, I see you have long-haired cats!”

  1. I agree, they are adorable so a little extra cleaning is worth it. I just read on another blog about a civil war museum with dioramas of the battles, but instead of people they are cats, here is the link: As I recall, you are interested in The Civil War and I know you love cats. It is a little odd, but the cats are cute.


  2. I see the messy carpet. Cleaning would be difficult. Get dark coloured furniture. Shoko is typical Siamese with short hair. She is no problem and no fur flying around of hers…..well, very little. Kali has thick fur and longer than Shoko’s fur. There are patches on our rug in the livingroom and floating throughout the house, covering the hardwood floors….just everywhere. I must teach her to use a broom. It is annoying but I love them and think shaving Kali is a little drastic. hehe



    • I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner designed to pick up pet hair, and it does an excellent job. Of course, they do a pretty good job leaving more hair to clean up! It’s that time of year.


      • A Dyson? You lucky devil. I took a look at the price and moved on to something cheaper. My sis-in-law gets all the best for her place and she has a Dyson dustbuster. um…think ours is Black and Decker. Heck it works.



      • e rolled the hair into windrows that had to be picked up by hand. The Dyson, while outrageously priced, actually picks up the hair quite well. I’ve heard the less expensive Shark also works well, but I don’t know anyone with actual experience using it.


  3. Even though my Mi Sun is short haired she has a triple coat. Fortunately she loves “brushie, brushie”, in fact frequently demands it. Even the thin coated cats are getting brushed because I like my morning to start with a cup of coffee, not a gooey bare foot and “Bleep! A hairball!”


    • Yes, anyone making a decision to bring an animal into his or her life needs to recognize they do require significant chunks of your time and money. They aren’t ornaments. They are living beings with specific needs!


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